Do you hate the Xper system here?

I've recently joined GsAGs and I absolutely hate that you have to gain Xper in order to really do something here.

I need to ask an adult question but I'm not allowed to ask or answer Qs in the sex category until I reach Level 3 and have like 250 points! It's just ridiculous!

What if somebody had a desperate situation and needed an answer to something sexual fast - a disease, a rape, unexpected pr3gnancy, etc. but couldn't get the advice they need because they have to answer a billion questions before they get to Level 3?!

I really think it's an unnecessary feature here.


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  • Yeah I don't like that either very much,seems annoying I personally don't have those type of issues going on with it. But still I find it unfair for other users, although the main people thinks its helping them's like probably keeping them away. But yes I hate it for you and I think to like write other users it has to be certain points as well.

    • I want to ask a question about adult virgins, but when I tried yesterday this read note popped up saying I can't ask stuff in the seksual category until I reach Level 3. It's just ridiculous and a waste of time. It would definitely keep other users away I think.

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  • Thanks for the feedback, and sorry you're frustrated!

    The level restrictions have cut down on spam considerably. I apologize that you can't ask your question. You're right - it does restrict those members who have honest, urgent questions, and for that, we're sorry.

    However, we found a LOT of spammers coming to the site, signing up, spamming the site (explicit questions, inappropriate chat, spamming links, just to name a few) for several hours and never showing up again. It was EXTREMELY annoying to our members. Unfortunately, this is the reality of the internet.

    This restriction is inconvenient for some, but it has improved the site overall.


  • If you had a desperate situation such as one of those I'd hope that you'd turn to someone in real life that you can trust, rather than sign up here and just to ask a bunch of anonymous people their advice. Don't get me wrong there are some incredibly helpful people on here but this site can only go so far...

    It is a bit unfair that some features are limited until you have enough xper but those rules are there to help keep the trolling down, I imagine. Level 3 isn't all that hard to get to, anyways, you only need 100 points... just enough to show that you're a user who isn't here just to spam this place up.

  • I think it's fair.

    Now I'm a little unfair in my opinion because I don't really use that category but it does (from a totally subjective view point) cut down on trolls.

    It's for your convenience even if you think it's not :)

  • I've just been annoyed ever since they changed the Amazon giftcards from costing 3000 to 4000. It was just brilliant being 100 away and the next day finding out I had 1100 to go because they upped it. I understand why they have to make it harder to get them, but only earning a couple points for answering a question is a tad unfair.

  • The Xper system has been off for a while now. The long waits to do anything and the high costs for prizes weren't always like that.

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  • "What if somebody had a desperate situation and needed an answer to something sexual fast - a disease, a rape, unexpected pr3gnancy, etc. but couldn't get the advice they need because... "

    ...of an ANTI-SPAM feature on GirlsAskGuys?!

    Poor Level one rape victims! They will miss out on the sage advice of the GAG community! How will they ever recover? They might have to speak to their parents, or speak to a therapist, or inform a public official or something ridiculous along those lines.

    "I'm dizzy and vomiting and my stool is bloody... and there are dozens of red bumps on my genitals... I wonder what advice the medical gurus at GAG have to say! Can't ask unless I'm level 3? Preposterous! Have they no heart? GaG is the only option and I've been left for dead!"

  • It keeps the spammers out. That's all it really does. It also lets people do a bit of ego masturbation based on how many posts they've made. Fill out the profile and answer a few questions and you'll be able to do what you want.

  • Well then they'd ask a real professionnal or call a helpline or google it :)

  • If you have a sexual question, just post it here in 'other'. I see people doing it all the time

    • I tried that and it still got rejected.

  • I really don't mind it at all.

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