Do you hate the Xper system here?

I've recently joined GsAGs and I absolutely hate that you have to gain Xper in order to really do something here.

I need to ask an adult question but I'm not allowed to ask or answer Qs in the sex category until I reach Level 3 and have like 250 points! It's just ridiculous!

What if somebody had a desperate situation and needed an answer to something sexual fast - a disease, a rape, unexpected pr3gnancy, etc. but couldn't get the advice they need because they have to answer a billion questions before they get to Level 3?!

I really think it's an unnecessary feature here.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah I don't like that either very much,seems annoying I personally don't have those type of issues going on with it. But still I find it unfair for other users, although the main people thinks its helping them's like probably keeping them away. But yes I hate it for you and I think to like write other users it has to be certain points as well.

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      I want to ask a question about adult virgins, but when I tried yesterday this read note popped up saying I can't ask stuff in the seksual category until I reach Level 3. It's just ridiculous and a waste of time. It would definitely keep other users away I think.