Am I just a friend? Or does he want more?

I met this great guy late October. He introduced himself to me and asked me my number first. Since then, I have been crazy for him. A couple weeks I asked him to see a movie with me, and he was more than willing to go with me, he paid, and he told me he had a great time. However, I have been the one initiating when to hang out, he has not asked me on a date since I asked him the first time. He also admitted that he liked me, and he wanted to kiss me. I know he likes me.

But it's winter break and he's back at home. I won't see him until school starts next year. I text him most of the time, and he answers. We sometimes have good conversations.

But I'm confused why he doesn't initiate things like texting me back or asking me to hang out. I don't want to come across as needy, clingy, and desperate. To guys out there, if you liked a girl, wouldn't you initiate things? Or since I initiated things, would you just sit back, relax? Or feel creeped out?


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  • cause a lot of guys realize they lose a lot more when there trying to do all the time and then we become clingy so wait until breaks over and then you can decide on this answer. I one who gives my girlfriend space cause a lot of the time I can't think of things to do that girls like guys are not use to setting up hangout time we just hangout no appointment needed, and we try to make it perfect to were you girls don't get bored of us so give him a couple of tries XD


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  • He likes you if he talked to you first. Why he's lost his motivation to talk to you is baffling.

  • I think you just need to let this one go. I feel like he's experimenting with you, I mean if he really wanted you he would make some sort of an effort but I don't think he's really into you .

  • I think he just isn't that into you if you are always initiating things.

  • Just ask him...but I'm sure he likes you

    • That sounds super needy though.

  • Hes just playing it cool.. he doesn't want to come across as insecure and needy. If you leave it for a week without texting him, he should hopefully text you. He probably doesn't text you first because he is already expecting you to text him. by the sounds of it you text him quite often already so he doesn't have to make much effort. hope this helped

    • Yeah, I was thinking he just assumed I text him every other day so he expects that from me. I might wait until New Years to see if he will text, since then he has a reason to say something.

    • yeah defiantly, let me know how it goes. could you answer my question plz

  • I agree with anon girl and think you should go for it.


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