How do I get a boy to ask me out? Is my best-friend jelous of me?

Please read it all... Sorry if its long...

Okay, so my best friend Sabrina had a party last week and so I met this guy who was realllllyyyyy cute. We started talking through chat... a lot and he told me he liked me and I also confessed the same thing, but he said that he would like to wait a little to get to know me better. I have explained mostly everything about my life, except for somewhat important details... Sabrina keeps telling me: Are you that desperate? But I'm not! This senior year I've had one boyfriend already, and she didn't get any, and like, she thinks she is prettier that me but the only good thing about her is her boobs and ass... Is she jelous or something? She has had 10 boyfriends. Me: 2! She is even asking me how to get a guy that I used to like... What the F***! So this was a little off topic but...

1.How much time do you think it will take him to ask me out?

2. How do I make my friend say what's on her mind when she is around me... like how do I make her confess what she thinks about me?

Thanks guys


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  • Forget what your friend thinks or says. It's your life and the person who you are interested in. If she really liked this guy, she would have talked to him by now. It sounds like she's trying to limit the people you date by influencing your choices through her own actions and words. Don't let her control you like that! I've had friends like this in the past. They are no longer my friends. I've learned what's best for me and my life. What's the worst that could happen? She'll stop talking to you. If she's a real friend, this would never happen. And if she does stop talking to you over childish stuff like this (not calling you or the guy or your emotions childish, just her actions), then she was never your friend to begin with.

    Also, if she's your friend, then you should know what she thinks about you already. Just sit her jealous ass down and ask her.

    1. No telling. If you like him, you should talk to him about it, that way you'll know for sure.

    2. I have no idea. I think someone mentioned to get her drunk? I wouldn't recommend this since she's probably underage. But alcohol does hold the magic of allowing the person to loosen up and reveal how they truly feel.


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  • 1 Ask HIM out if you want to date him. That's the only way to know for sure, and you get to control the timing and kind of date. Take charge.

    2. Tell her not to BS you.

  • Nice that you told him that already, but if he takes too long just ask him out..

  • Just ask him out. I don't get what you're waiting for, especially if you like him so much. If you don't make a move, some other girl will.

  • Your friend could be jealous, or she could be trying to ask him out as well. As for how long it'll take for him to ask you out, nobody can say, because we aren't him. He is probably trying to figure things out in his life, and once he does, then he can ask you out.

  • 1. well this might take sometime. You need to get control over him and if you really want to date him ask him out. Say I have gotten to know you more and grown even more fond of you and would like to take things more seriously and to the next step...

    2. I might sound sexist but really all girls are not loyal best friends. Loyal might be a very harsh word but what I'm trying to say is you are best friends but competition and jealousy always comes in between. Ignore her and follow your heart.

  • I think she or you don't know what best friend is...but anyway I don't think a best-friend should try to compete with you and try to make you feel bad...just keep talking to him and he'll feel better and ask you out...its gonna break all the shyness he has if you talk to him and be easy-going with him

  • cant you make the first move . I thought we had equal rights . don't we have equal responsibilities too ?

    and its nice to see that you care about looks only . guess I'm going to die alone becuase I'm ugly

    • okay so 1. I don't have anything against making moves... and

      2. He isn't the most handsome guy ever... but he is really sweet and stuff, and that is basically what I look into a guy and only a little on his looks.

      Im not that selfish

    • so if you havnt got anything against making the first move... why don't you?

    • i don't know... cause I also want to meet him better... I met him at a party... but if he doesn't ask me out, I WILL :)

  • Well you have to get her drunk :)

    • haha she can do that by herself... she has gotten drunk more than 5 times...

  • You really can't "get" someone to ask you out. You can hint that you want them to, and that's pretty it besides asking them out yourself.

  • 1. why does he have to ask you out? ask him and he will say yes guaranteed 100%

    2. I'm sure your best mate thinks a lot of you there's nothing you need to know that's on her mind other than she's a little jealous. her saying are you desperate is reverse phyciology, she's basically trying to put you off him JEL!


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