Do you remember your first crush?

Remember your first crush. Do you keep in touch? Are you still with that person? What grade? Did that person know s/he was your first crush? Did that person feel the same? Were you shy?


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  • Yes. Her name is Tanya. She was only the prettiest girl in the history of our elementary school. She felt the same way, even called me her baby, until the day I attempted to act cool by denying my feelings for her in front of my friends(she put me on the spot, and I was an age when girls are considered to be yucky to boys. Boy, was I a tool that day.

    We lost contact for a few years due to attending different middle schools. I saw her again in high school but I had moved on to something special by then.


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  • Oh, sure, Lisa, the only second grader girlor boy who could outrun me. What great legs, although I didn't think that way in 2d grade. I've always been curious what she looked like gorwn up, but I've not seen her since then.

  • Yes I do. Her name was Shannon. In 7th grade, I put my heart on the line and confessed to her that I liked her after three months of trying to adjust to a new set of emotions. Embarrassed the heck out of me and I could barely even look her in the face (let alone talk to her) for the rest of the year. Communication over the years has been sparse.

    Karma did its job, though. She's single and unhappy about it. I'm in a happy, healthy relationship and have been so for the past eleven months.

  • 7th grade. She was in my wood shop class and had the most amazing...Well I'll just stop there. I was too much of a p**** to ask her out. Wish I'd worked up the nerve though. I have no idea where she is today.

  • First grade. She didn't like me back, I was too nerdy back in the day.

  • Absolutely. Loved the girl for years :-(.

    I never told her but did see I photo of her a few years ago. The oddest thing was feeling nothing when I saw her photo. The adult version of her did nothing for me, but when I think back to when we were kids I still, squirm a little.

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  • I remember he was blond I can never remember his name he moved away, it's odd that I'll randomly think about him and wonder where he ended up. I can't for the life of me think of his name though, I think it may have been Justin or something with a J lol.

  • My first crush was the actor Lucas Black. I still have the hots for him too...

    My first real life crush was a boy named Max in 2nd grade. We held hands under a table when the teacher read everyone a story, and he kissed my cheek. That's still the most action I've gotten to date. lol. He moved to California, then came back many years later, and ended up being the stepbrother of a friend I had in high school. I saw the guy again after that, but I didn't have any interest in him anymore.

  • Sixth grade probably. Very very very shy, I think I almost fainted when he kissed me haha. And we still talk from time to time. Facebook is a good way to stay in touch.

  • 4th grade. His name was Ben. I am still in touch with him but he never knew that he was my crush . I'm not sure if he felt the same. Yes, I was shy.

  • yes I remember him but I don't remember the feeling anymore :).. lol sounds like a line from a song

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