Is this a savior complex? Narcissism?

Hey this is a pretty general question...sort of...

Do you know those men who feel like they need to swoop in on women and "save them" it's like there goal is to make the woman think he is the greatest guy she ever met...they'll meet her, woo her, hurt her, leave her, then blame her.

They are the type to leave you and blame the whole breakup on you...tell you what a horrible girlfriend you were and all they wanted to do was love you...if you leave it alone they will constantly remind you how it was your fault and how you could have had something good but you ruined it.

All the while they were the one who ruined it and left...and instead of just going they need to feel like you think they are the one that got away. They don't feel good unless they think they've left you hurting...and will often reappear just to "check on you" thinking that by saying hello they have given you something to live for.

I don't know if this is a savior complex...just being a narcissist or a mixture of both but there must be a name for men like this.

They will leave regardless but they need to feel you think it was your fault..they don't want you but they just need you to think its your fault...they need to feel needed but if you actually need them they don't want you around..

Anyone know?

A guy who does not want to be with someone but wants them to be dependent on him


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  • Hmm, pity the narcissist. According to psych101, these people do not even realize their own problems. Narcissists tend to blame their own faults on other people and think they are top stuff. Worzt mentioned relationships should be a matter between 2 people and no one deserves to feel completely at fault in a failed relationship. You can avoid them in the future by observing how they share responsibility with everyone else because narcissists often have consistent attitudes.

    Statistically, the majority of narcissists are males, thus the word douche bag.