How do I ask him if he's serious without it being offensive?

i want to ask him if he really does like me or he's just enjoying himself? I want to ask him why he acts like he cares and he tries to talk to me a lot? Does he like me or is he playing? How do I say it without hurting him or coming as offensive?


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  • It's simple. He likes you. How much he likes you is something that'll take a while to figure out for both of you. Tell him what you want, and listen to him if he reciprocates. If you match up half way decently, it could be cool.

    He probably does want sex. The question is what else he might be up for as well. You won't know until you talk it over with him.

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  • Just start being a little distant with him; don't answer him the next time he contacts you...and look away from him all the time when you are together.

    He'll then ask YOU waht is wrong, and then he can't really be offended by what you say, since he asked you what was on your mind!

    Tell him he comes off as not serious, and so you're also not going to take HIM seriously.

  • Get straight to the point. That's not offensive and I don't see how it can hurt him. That's a good general rule with all men. We suck at taking hints and reading between the lines. Just straight forward with no sugar coating.

    Keep in mind that there is a very good chance he doesn't know the answer himself.

  • Don't ask him just enjoy your time and wait for his signals.

  • Please, whatever else you think, please don't think of those questions as offensive or hurtful.

    He may not want to have that talk, or be scared off, etc, but you certainly have a right to ask.

  • I really wanted to give examples of how you could formulate it but my brain is at a standstill xD

    The simplest solution would be: Don't be afraid of possibly sounding offensive. It's perfectly okay to get right to the point if you're feeling unsure.

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