Why did my bf ask me to leave him?

my boyfriend ask me to leave him . For him I am not beautiful. And whenever I make my mind to end everything he start blaming me for breakup and then he said he will always love and its not over for him. he ignored me all the time. sometimes even abuses me ...i am so confused I have no one in my life so its not easy for me to leave him I know he is playing with my emotions ...I don't understand his mind and why is he doing all this to me? he doesn't allow me to ask question or ask him for his previous behavior...he so dominating that I can't say things


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  • This guy is a manipulating, abusive jerk. He absolutely IS messing with your emotions, to keep you hurt, confused, and weak all the time, all the better to manipulate you.

    You need to get yourself the hell away from him, and from guys like him. Be aware that girls who are abused often continue to choose abusers over and over, because it's what they're used to and what they're comfortable with, so it's what they become attracted to. You need to break that cycle, and you could use some counselling to help you though it.

    But your priority needs to be packing your stuff and getting away from him, some how, some way. And once you're gone, have NO MORE CONTACT with him, EVER.


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  • Hes taking outhis unhappiness on you, the worst thing anyone an do in a relationship...he probably is't actually playing with your emotions, it's just that he can't control his, so you are the victim of his out of control state.

    Probably older than you I am guessing?

    In any case, time to say goodbye to him. He asked you to leave; take him up on the offer, and ndever look back!

  • Hello,

    this man, by playing with your feelings, is a manipulator.

    Flee him (whatever the pain you feel). Find a personn who will love you for yourself and truly.

    Be happy.

  • It could be many reasons, some guys act like this despite feeling in love with you and expect women to understand them. Those are the dumb ones that suffer afterward for what they did.

    Then there is this complete different set of guys who actually think you are ugly and don't care much about you because you are fat, have weird teeth, smoke, have tattoos, peircings, stupid hairstyles, smell funny, don't know how to wear make up, don't take care of their nails, don't shave, wear ugly cloth, use drugs, are alcoholic, etc..

  • He is trying to mind-f*** you.

  • He doesn't know what he wants. He wants to have his cake and eat it.

    He doesn't want to be in a relationship with you in particular and wants somebody else but to give up a relationship and go back to being single is a huge and scary leap, not a desirable state of affairs.

  • What a d*** bag. Abuse is the worst thing in a relationship I don't know how you're still even dealing with his bs. He also says you're not beautiful? I can understand that he's a very important or the "only person in your life" but seriously it's better being alone then being with someone who doesn't treat you right. I'm sure your prince charming will come along, so leave this d*** bag and move on.

  • You sound like my ex.. Expand on this.. did he try and get you back once before?

  • He is playing with you, he has no love, or even respect for you so you are way better off without his ass.

  • I used to be like this, this man does not love you. Nobody that loves you can do these things to someone. He's passive-aggressive and silently believes he deserves 'better than you'. That's the naked truth, but look up 'passive aggressive' personality disorder and you'll see.

    This behavior is meant to induce a sense of co-dependence on the abusee. It's possible this man is a sociopath if he's always dominant. Best way to get rid of a sociopath is to completely cut them out of your life, and ignore them.

  • WTF? He asks you to leave him? First, that's a sucker move from the jump. If you don't wnat to be with your girl anymore be a man and just break up. Second, if a guy hits you once it's kinda your fault if he is ever in a position to hit you again. Cops should have been called immediately. Go to a shelter if you have to. Forget trying to understand his mind...he's insane, so you can't reason with a crazy person. WTF is up with women these days? You can't justify everything. He doesn't love you and he never has, he's an abusive dude who gets off beating your ass and the messing with your head. Get out while you still can. Anyone who gives me a thumbs down for this is an idiot. Point blank.


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  • He knows you need him in your life which is why he's treating you like this I've made it clear to him you won't be able to ever leave him. Dump him get out of there If someone loves you let them show you he doesn't deserve you and nothing will change unless you break up with him talking to him won't change things you need to break up with him and end contact with him. Done deal.

  • he is doing it because you allow him to. you need to choose to be happy. you already know you need to leave him. I don't have to tell you that. The question is not why he is theating you this way its why do you stay with him. Analyze that. Good luck babe

  • He doesn't give a F*** about you, can't you see that?

    You're better off alone than with him

    Or you could dump him and start dating a new guy if you feel the need for a relationship

    Either way you need to make smarter choices and leave him.