Why did my bf ask me to leave him?

my boyfriend ask me to leave him . For him I am not beautiful. And whenever I make my mind to end everything he start blaming me for breakup and then... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • This guy is a manipulating, abusive jerk. He absolutely IS messing with your emotions, to keep you hurt, confused, and weak all the time, all the better to manipulate you.

    You need to get yourself the hell away from him, and from guys like him. Be aware that girls who are abused often continue to choose abusers over and over, because it's what they're used to and what they're comfortable with, so it's what they become attracted to. You need to break that cycle, and you could use some counselling to help you though it.

    But your priority needs to be packing your stuff and getting away from him, some how, some way. And once you're gone, have NO MORE CONTACT with him, EVER.