I don't think its fair that I'm not allowed to hang out with other guys?

My boyfriend and I were talking last night, and since we ran out of things to say we started asking each other questions. (Very normal) After awhile I asked him, does he care if I hangout with other guys and if so why. He told me it really bugged him, and that he would really like it if I stopped hanging out with other guys. He won't tell me the reason to why he doesn't like it, just that he doesn't.

I don't think its fair that I'm not allowed to hang out with other guys, but he hangs out with other girls almost more than he hangs out with me. If I tell him that it bugs me when he hangs with other girls I'll seem jealous (which I'm not)

What do I do? Do I continue to hang with other guys, or honor what he wants and stop?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Any guy is going to be a little bit protective of his girl, which is fine. But sometimes its just too much jealousy.

    Id be uncomfortable if the guy friend liked her. It wouldn't be about not trusting her, it'd just be not trusting him. Other guy friends, obviously if theyre just friends theyd respect her relationship. however if they have feelings for her than they'll have their own agenda

    otherwise, I think its totally fine. My girlfriend has some guy friends, I have some chick friends. there's some occasionaly jealousy but its harmless, because in the end you have to have trust in your partner.