Is she using me or is she really over her ex?

okay I'm talking to this girl we go to high school together both seniors we've been talking for a while about 3 months, the probably is she just got of a serious relationship 7 months ago. I ask her is she still in love with her ex and she says no, but I go check her twitter page and I saw a tweet that he favorited that she wrote it said " through thick and thin ill always have you, love you forever and a day you know who you are". I asked her about it she said it was what she was feeling at the moment. The problem is the dated for 3 years and I don't think she's over him. I've heard 2 weeks ago she went to his job and was talking to him was grabbing him and asking for a hug but he denied it. The first time we hung out was like last month and the first picture me and her took together she made it her profile picture. I made her delete his number so she can try to move on. I don't know if she's over her ex, or is she just using me... Before I made her delete the number I saw a text where she said she would hang out with him but instead she hung out me, and she was telling him "i love you" and all this other stuff but this was last month she said she dk when was the last time they talked and she is more focus on us, she supports me at my bball games, she's always writing on my Facebook wall and all this stuff. I asked her if she was over him and she said yes... but do you think she's using me to try and get over him. he graduated 2 years ago so I see her everyday at school. so that's a plus. but do you think she's using me.


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  • I think you already know the answer.


    When I was 15 I did similar stuff like this, knew I had that one best guy mate who was in-love with me and would do absolutely anything to make me happy, and when I got out of a serious relationship I was completely f***ed up. I lead him on with no intentions of being with him, nothing.

    Now I'm not saying this is the right thing to do, I'm just saying that us girls are emotionally screwed sometimes, and it makes us feel powerful and desirable and in hope to take our mind off things and try to get over some people.

    But by the sound of it she hasn't gotten over her ex at all.