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Does anybody know good places to meet people online?

Do you know any chat sites? Specifically geared towards teens if you know any. I don't mean meet people like on omegle or chat roulette, I mean meet... Show More

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  • lol look at all the guys on here that want to talk to a girl under 18 even though she said she wants to actually meet people. good job guys. getcha creep on

    • I love you.

    • thanks

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  • nexopia

  • Twitter/Facebook pages you have an interest in, ask people on there.

    Games, here of course, just add people. I personally just Skype people, too busy too alt tab and type constantly.

  • Message me

  • perhaps try to make real friends...

  • Have you tried 321teenchat? Google it, also I'm available for friendship lol

  • Other than Facebook, I really couldn't tell you. I'd say websites like this probably are your best bet. Most people on Facebook are just more interested in showing off how many friends they have and blathering about how cool they think they are. And omegle/chatroullette most of the friends you'll make are d*cks . . . . literally.

  • no most sites even Facebook is geared toward sex but if you want sex that's diff

  • message me , always nice talking to people

  • interpals.com :) I've made loads of friends there and one of them ended up being my girlfriend :)

  • meetme.com is totally what you're looking for. Just a warning though, lots of random dudes will hit on you.

  • Craigslist

  • craigslist casual encounters

    • Im not looking for a prostitute.

    • lol

  • Stay classy, GaG.

  • Gap.com is da bomb

  • adultfriendfinder.com


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