Attracted to intelligence? Weird or not?

I love a guy with a brain. Its so so attractive and just so hard to find.

Is anyone else out there attracted to intelligence.?

I guess you could say I like 'em nerdy lol. :p

Is this weird.? Who else.?


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  • You're a rarity. There's plenty, but you might have to come down on your physical attractiveness standards. haha

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      Lol well I guess physical attractiveness would just be a plus.

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      I think you're weird then. Regardless of what they say, most girls aren't attracted to intelligence. Intelligence is just an added extra for some girls and even then, it's not for all.

      For a girl to say that she wants intelligence, attractiveness is just a plus, and she doesn't care about the money he makes is quite odd. Of course, that's assuming all of that is actually true.

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      Well if he wanted to throw money at me Id take it, I'm not crazy lmao. Money is just not what I'm after, I work myself lol:P But I see what you mean.