I'm meeting my boyfriend's family tonight! So nervous, any tips!?

We are going out on a date tonight but he's bringing me over to meet them for a little beforehand.

I am so nervous. I hate meeting new people. What do I say? Also, he forgot to tell me that they are having a family gathering for his dad's b-day... GREAT! Now even more people to meet.

I kind of feel overwhelmed. Do you have any advice for me? I already know his mother and she likes me...

Also- this is kind of a silly question- but do I shake their hands? I'm not good at that!


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  • Don't wear trashy clothes is a big tip I can give ya :)

    Be really sweet, smile a lot, don't be scared to seem shy, that shows them that you're trying really hard to do a good impression which they'll like.

    Comment their house, food whatever is offered to you :)

    Tell them how glad you are to be with their son.

    For his dad, just seem like you're highly classy, and not just a booty call, lol.

    Tell them how nice it is to meet them, and that you've been really excited to meet them and just compliment them :)

    Bring some wine for the dad. :)

    • They liked the way I dressed, they said I dressed classy. He said they really liked me and are still talking about me. Overall it went really well

    • Alright, great :)

      Congratsulations :)


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  • definitely shake hands. just be enthusiastic and at least pretend like you are excited ot meet them. theyre going to make small talk just because there's nothing to really talk about, so just answer questions enthusiasticly. and dress conservatively. can't go flaunting yourself in front of his family lol

  • Wear some good clothes. I don't know about hand shakes from a girlfriend to a boyfriend's family, but if they offer their hand just make it a firm handshake.. And don't be fake just be the nicest you. No one likes fake people. Anyways good luck

    • Thanks! His family loved me, he said they are still raving about me to other relatives. They said I fit right in :)

  • Just one tip.

    When you're shaking hands with a man, for God's sake, don't do a limp fish shake. Firmly, but not harshly, shake the guy's hand while looking him in the eye. Only takes two seconds. But done wrongly, and you can earn instant dislike. I've shaken hands with girls and instantly thought less of them because it felt like I was shaking a dead fish.

  • hand shaking not necessary, and he like you for you so just be yourself

  • You guys have a date tonight...I'm surprised he's not watching the wild card games, Green Bay and Minnesota as well as right now Houston and Cincinnati (me being an Ohioan I want Cin. to clober Houston, even though I have family in Texas)

    • He loves football but we're eagles fans.

    • Doesn't mean you can't watch other teams, right?

      Sorry about the Eagles this year, hopefully you won't get your hands on Chip Kelly, since I'm hoping he'll be coming here to Cleveland

    • haha noooo we want him! Yeah you are right about watching other teams, which I still do of course but we had a date planned and so we went! His dad was watching football but walked away from it to meet me :)

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  • Be yourself and be as nice and polite as you can. The better impression you make, his family will think your the one for him:)