I'm meeting my boyfriend's family tonight! So nervous, any tips!?

We are going out on a date tonight but he's bringing me over to meet them for a little beforehand.

I am so nervous. I hate meeting new people. What do I say? Also, he forgot to tell me that they are having a family gathering for his dad's b-day... GREAT! Now even more people to meet.

I kind of feel overwhelmed. Do you have any advice for me? I already know his mother and she likes me...

Also- this is kind of a silly question- but do I shake their hands? I'm not good at that!


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  • Don't wear trashy clothes is a big tip I can give ya :)

    Be really sweet, smile a lot, don't be scared to seem shy, that shows them that you're trying really hard to do a good impression which they'll like.

    Comment their house, food whatever is offered to you :)

    Tell them how glad you are to be with their son.

    For his dad, just seem like you're highly classy, and not just a booty call, lol.

    Tell them how nice it is to meet them, and that you've been really excited to meet them and just compliment them :)

    Bring some wine for the dad. :)

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      They liked the way I dressed, they said I dressed classy. He said they really liked me and are still talking about me. Overall it went really well

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      Alright, great :)

      Congratsulations :)