Should I ask him out or wait?

Long story short: he finally made a move (he's pretty shy) he even said he made me something for my birthday (this thing I saw online and said I liked it!) and today he came back to town. Should I ask him out or wait? He DID go through all the trouble of making me something, does that mean "the... Show More

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  • the ball is in your court if you really like him..dont loose him because gyus dnt do smthing so selflessly for any girl unless they are seeking something..

    as much as I feel the guy is nice and shy you should NOT ask him out but make him to ask you out..

    give him hints mak him feel he is the one and is really imp to you that will make him ask you out..

    cheers... hav a great love life..

    • Thank you for the advice! I didn't feel comfortable asking him out, to be honest. So I was wondering if he was back in town and texted him "hey! should I welcome you back?! Did you have a good trip?" so tht he would suggest meeting up. (He's sick and not back yet.) Problem is my friends said that my text was too forward, that "welcome you back" was desperate. Why can't we say what we feel?! Mindgames suck, especially if you're friends with someone too...