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How to make my ex pursue me more ?

I know this sounds really immature.. but long story short, my boyfriend had hurt me several times in the past.. and he asked for several breaks... Show More

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  • awsome ... make him feel that you are really really happy and have moved on and he dosnt bother youpost some hang out pics on fb with some of your gal friends and a few with a handsome guy friendmake sure the pics are great and jazzy look the most beautiful as much as you canhe will regret leaving u...Cheers

  • Just no head games. Make your intentions clear and succinct. It's much easier for us when we know what you guys want and what you're thinking!

    • I know trust me .. but I gave him so many chances and he blew them all .. I just wanna see how much effort is he willing to put for me :) that's all

    • Okay well guys don't change, so if he's blown multiple chances before he's only going to continue to do so.

    • I concur. My ex most likely is giving up on me right now, but I have a plan to get her back. We are going to have to start over again as a new relationship.

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