Do you find it harder to "like" Facebook posts made by your crush?

I tend not to like any of their statuses or stuff like that. Anyone in the same boat?

To clarify, I make an effort NOT to press the like button for the guy that I actually like.


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  • I know a bunch of guys and I think this is more like a girl thing. This is one of those things where you can clearly see the social difference between guys and girls.

    A guy that has a crush on a girl will like her comments from time to time and make comments. Girls don't like these guys, but those are the only guys that truly like her.

    If a guy is not commenting or liking your stuff once in a while, he doesn't like you at all. The temptation to like or comment on your crush is so hard that the guy has to be like over 30 to really be able to hold it.

    A girl on the other hand know how bad these guys that like her a lot look like, so this makes her not want to look the same to the guys she likes.


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  • Well it is normal although I have never had this issue. But people tend to over-think everything, so don't worry about it. Before clicking on that LIKE button as if it was going to be life changing you probably have the same thinking process as a person about to do some cliff jumping.

  • Yes, definitely. I do everything I can not to like or comment.


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