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Confused about this girl

So I went to a backpacking trip with this girl. I am not that attracted to her, but she is a wonderful friend, and I don't want to loose that... Show More

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  • She wants your D my friend. Most likely anyway. It could just be friendly but I think she wants under you. But you guys can still be friends. Just say "you're a good friend" or "thanks for being my friend all this time. I've really needed a good friend that's a girl" or "I'm really glad we're friends". Something like that and she should get it

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  • Just casually mention that you don't want a relationship with anyone. Just put out there before it goes any further.

    As for the rest, I have no idea what she wants, she might just want to talk to you in person about something that's bugging her. Don't avoid her though, that makes you a lousy friend.

    If she is interested, and persists, just be straight with her about needing her as a friend without complications.

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