Is it okay to ask a girl if she likes you over FB chat?

I would do it in person, but I kind of want to know before this Friday and I don't think I'll see her before then.


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  • Hard to say, most of the time face to face is better. If fb chat is normal for you guys and you talk a lot that way though, then it's fine.

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  • dude how old are you?! That's what you see in the movies and a middle schooler does that where the girl has to circle yes or no. at your age, girls will just get a clue solely if you just talk to her in a normal way and if there is chemistry via chatting online, then you can start to flirt and then if she reacts in a positive way, keep it going for a little while to keep her interested and wanting to talk to you. Later just ask her out for coffee or something small to hang out. Being blunt will scare her away

    • how do you know that I haven't already done all that? because I have, I'm passed all of those points and yes I've figured out by myself that talking in person is the better scenario, thanks

  • I can't believe people still use face book

    • thanks for letting me know...

  • Of course! If you have her number. I think it would be better threw text or something

  • Face to face is better, ask to meet up

  • Oh totally people do it all the time just do it and if she does then hurray for you :)

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  • A text would be better, or you could simply ask her out via email or over the phone. If she says yes, that automatically answers your first question.

  • NO. You ask her in person, not over chat or Facebook.

    • i did it, and when she meet me its very ackward, she is pretending I am not there when we are meeting.

      cause she ignored me and nothing I can do to tell about my feeling, but right now we are just a friend.

  • yes, avoid to waste time wondering about it..

  • yes of course