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Girls: What would you do, if a guy who you never see before tried to flirt with you?

While you are walking in the street,department store e.t.c or while you are sitting in any place like cafe,if a guy who you never see before came to... Show More

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  • i will politely decline =)

    • thanks for the BA! ^-^

    • your welcome you deserved :)

What Girls Said 5

  • I will also decline as nicely as I can. I think the only sort of circumstance I'd respond to that sort of introduction is if he included himself and commented on the book I'm reading or there is something that interested him on a deeper level than looks. I met this guy while in the Philosophy section (seriously for some reason the guys in this section are the most flirty) of a book store and commented on the book I had just picked up. We ended up talking for a long time about Philosophy and life. If he just came up to me with nothing that interested him but what I looked like then I'd decline as nicely as I could.

  • If his first sentence is "Iv'e been watching/looking for you" then id be creeped out. *happened before*

  • A little flirting never hurts if he's attractive, but to meet with a guy you don't know who just told you he likes you when he clearly Doesn't know you either would be inappropriate. Nicely and respectively say no.

  • Yeah that is a little creepy. Men just don't talk like that out of the blue

What Guys Said 2

  • It can work, but not often, but hey, you can try it lots.

    A better approach is to simply -interact- with women, everywhere, all the time. Make it a habit. Be friendly and outgoing. If an attractive woman is friendly back, throw some flirting in. If she reacts well, then ask her for her number or to meet.

  • It depends a lot on circumstances. Its not impossible to meet women this way but you will have no idea if she is taken, homosexual, finds you attractive or not, in a hurry, ect. A lot of it comes down to her, not what you do or say. It will be far more successful if you only do this when a woman gives obvious signs of interest, like she makes strong eye contact.

    Also don't plead with her to meet you, I know you mean it to be polite but it sounds very insecure.

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