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How to tell whether flirting is just friendly or something more?

One of my female co-workers is always flirting with me. She is older than me, I'm 25 and she's in her early 40s, but I certainly find her attractive.... Show More

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  • Sorry. I meant to give you five stars.

    • She sounds horny. How do you feel about being thee other man?

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    • Well just follow her lead. Are you sure you want to give her your virginity?

    • Believe me I'm not trying to save it, at 25, I'm desperate to lose it. Her or any other attractive woman would be fine. Also, the thought of losing my virginity to an older, more experienced woman is a bit of a turn on :)

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  • You say she only sees him once a year dosn't sound like a relationship to me.Go out with her see where it leads .If you want to keep it on a friends level make it understood that's what you want.

  • She wants to get a bit personal with you. She's not single!

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