Does he like me? I don't know, but I'm not ready to get played?

Right so I met this lad age's ago and at first everything was perfect,used to hang around same group as friends,every day,everyone knew we liked each other and he asked me out a few times but I wasn't really into him to be honest,so after a bit I guess I moved on and he did,few weeks after that we got speaking again and this time I started to like him,few kisses,cuddles nothing really serious and then we got really close,always speaking,holding hands down the street until we fell out over something so stupid,then he didn't want to talk to me,so I fort screw it,I'm no chasing anyone! Then a few months after that me and a girl was walking past he's house and he's mom insisted us to come in,we did and he told the girl 'I wasted he's time' and shortly after that I went home and had a message off him,saying he misses me and stuff,we stopped talking again after a few days,then we met again one night at a bonfire and he said this times goanna be different,He's not goanna let me go and stuff we was talking for say a good month or so and he got a new girlfriend and was like bye,I was so upset this time I actually fell for him,I deleted everything thing that reminded me off him,must of cried about a billion times,ha. Then about 5months after with was like last week we seen each other again,he asked me to meet him the next day we agreed but we didn't really talk so I didn't go. Then on this Saturday we was all out in groups of friends and we all bumped into each other again and he asked me was I cold and gave me He's coat to wear,we didn't really stay speaking he got a hug and we went,then he asked me to go meet him Sunday night,I wasn't to sure cause we've never actually been alone together,but I did anyway,I met him about five and he went we'll go somewhere quite where no one else is,I went are you ashamed of me or something?He said no,he just wants to have time alone he hasn't seen me on my own proper doe age's,and doesn't want people ruining things and getting involved,so I did and he start hugging me straight away and holding my hand and kept kissing,felt like everything was perfect again,everything just felt right when we was together,then he walked me most of the way home and he told me to my face he loved me for the first time,was so happy. Then he started saying were friends with benefits,joke and I was like aren't I good enough?And then he says cute things like he wanted to go in the army,I said I didn't want him too and he said well the only way for him to not is if he gets to wake up and see my face every morning. He asked me to meet him Friday,and we've been talking constantly for them 5days,he calls me He's princess and beautiful and perfect and stuff,he told my mates he likes me,but nothing goanna happen there?This time I've fell for him and I don't want him to just go like he does?We've never been as close as we are now,I think I love him. Does he actually love me or is he playing?I don't know anymore?Any advice or what should I do?Confused


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  • He does actually love you. If he's playing with you, he should be putting your emotions up and down and will make you feel really bad. However in his case, he's showing much he wants to spend time together with you through cuddle, kiss, and hug you. He always wants to talk to you, and I think he's very sincere in his words to you.


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