Why would me ex contact me after ignoring and avoiding me?

The break-up was once sided, it was basically him just throwing everything we had away for what were silly reasons, insecurity, fear and immaturity were major factors. I was dumped via message and he refused to meet up, I am only telling you this so you know that since he decided it there has been... Show More

i sent him a message letting him know that I found more of his things and left it at that. If I get a reply from him and a conversation starts I was thinking I might see if he wanted to go see the new hobbit movie with me. All my friends have already seen it and I do want to see it =| I just figure if we did something like that just as friends it would give me a way to get his stuff back to him and I get to see the movie with a friend, hopefully also ending this stupid hi and then hide nonsense.
any opinion as to whether or not you think asking to meet up after 3 1/3 months to give him back his things he left and asking to do something as friends like a movie is a bad idea?

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  • It sounds to me as though he is fishing. And by fishing I mean, he invites you out and turns around and ignores you in the hopes that you will chase after him. Its a passive form of chasing you. He wants you to be in his life but he wants you to initiate everything. I did that to an ex when I was 15 to see if she "loved" me enough to chase me. I would agree with Kambo in saying that it is a bit immature and emo. Seems to me that he needs to grow up and stop playing games. I would suggest putting a stop to the bullsh*t and tell him that he's either going to step up or step out. You don't deserve games and you shouldn't let yourself have the time for it. He needs to man up and figure it out. But that's just my $0.02

    • i would if the situation fit that. But atm with the egotistical attitude he showed me I won't be the one that makes any kind of move. If he wants anything from me then he has to make it clear, I am just not liking that I am not even treated as a friend. It's either; friend, lover or nothing =| and he thinks he can just treat me as none of them? ugh rude.

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    • xD I am bipolar believe it or not but I am well medicated. As for him well, I don't know. His mother apparently is so I guess he could have a touch of it. It's so hard for me to just forget it all too because we were so happy and everything was amazing until something came up that freaked him out about commitment and got him thinking about our future. (not a pregnancy scare lol it was nothing serious at all but he freaked out anyway) If he had just spoken to me I think we could have fixed (cont)

    • the distance that grew between us. He just pushed me away because of everything he kept inside and then after one day where he knew he upset he didn't say anything about breaking up or anything just gave me a kiss and a normal goodbye (as he lives an hr away and came to stay for weekends) and then the next day was normal online chat and then the next night I got a big pre-written message =[ if we could have just talked face to face...but he was too scared to and refused. Now he does all this