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Anybody else here attracted to different looking people?

They aren't society's typical "10" they just have a look, it's different from everyone else who is just average. They stand out, and it's mysterious... Show More

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  • I'm attracted to all kinds of people some people think are beautiful and others people think are average, but they're all beautiful to me so that's all that matters.

    • Ughh, why so sentimental Jonny?

    • Ha it's not all sentimentality, I do tend to use my wording, so that I'm more polite than saying they're all sexually attractive.

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  • I like freckles. I like girls with short hair. Guess that's it

    • Finally a guy who likes short hair. Hallelujah

  • No can't say I do, I once got with a 9 and that was a terrible mistake stayed with only 10's ever since. Hehe sorry guess I don't fully understand you questionIn all seriousness though if you mean like dyed Fluro hair/heaps of piercings then no

  • Hmm, well I'm usually attracted to average/plain jane girls who nobody would notice in a crowd (that wasn't supposed to sound offensive). I guess I'm just more attracted to girls who don't stand out.

  • Well there have been times where I was attracted to a girl who my friends thought was not really that good looking. So it happens. Of coarse, like many of my attempts with women, that girl slipped away, heh

  • Yup definitely.It's just something different about them & the way they look that kind of like hits a chord in me. It's sort of like hard to explain lol. Like you see someone else who's typically considered more attractive but you can't help but look at the other person.

  • Can you post a pic of an example?

    • Of a guy or a girl?

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    • So what's so different about him that attracts you? I'm just trying to understand what you mean

    • I mean it's hard to explain... I guess to the best way to put it is they're just not what society would call a 10.

What Girls Said 6

  • Yeah, I'm totally like that. My friends always get on my case about how I'm not attracted to "attractive" people, and instead go for the unusual interesting ones.

    • If they're attractive to you, who are your friends to say what you find attractive and who you should date? Just curious, of the friends who do that, are we talking mostly female or male friends, or equally of both?

    • A lot of people I have known have made occasional comments about my taste in guys' looks. They're usually not mean about it, just slightly teasing or surprised. Both guys and girls. I just don't usually seem to find the same people attractive as everyone else I guess haha.

  • Yes. There is just something about them that you find so infatuating whether it be their smile or their course of thinking. Something just draws you to them and you just stop thinking about them/ stealing a glance or two.

  • Yes! My mother always called them 'People with character in their faces'. They aren't perfect, but that's half the charm. They're still attractive - not Hollywood attractive, but because of that, it just feels more REAL. They wear their differences as a part of themselves, and they're usually very comfortable with it. It makes their entire persona more attractive because they aren't trying to be the hottest person in the room, but they're also entirely comfortable with who they are.

  • You can totally wear skirts, but AVOID PEPLUMS. (That's the second skirt, FYI). The whole point is to emphasis and create broader hips. If that's what you're self conscious about, they're your worse enemy.Also, they just look stupid.

  • Ya you can look on my profile at my boyfriend. He has these cool eyes that aren't like most and I lovethem. He also has a different body shape than most boys. I dunno. I dated a "10" before and he wasn't for me

  • Sometimes yeah. Like if I'm out with a group of friends and I see a guy that I think is attractive I'll say "He's cute" and they'll be like "Are you serious?" I don't really have a type, I'm just attracted to whoever I'm attracted to.

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