Have you ever had a nightmare where your SO was brutally murdered?

I recently started seeing this guy and I spend most night over at his place. The other morning when we got up he was clearly upset about something so I asked him what was wrong. He said he had a really bad nightmare(something that happens a lot for him) after a while he went on to say it was the bloodiest one he's had in a while. He's in the army so I assumed it was going to be about that, and asked him if he wanted to talk to me about it. He after a few moments of pondering it, he proceeded to start off the dream which originally seemed completely fine. He then went to say how when we woke up the next morning I wasn't in bed or anywhere to be found in the house but then he found part of a corpse, started digging in part of the back yard where the dirt was loose compared to the rest and found me deep down in a pool of blood and mud, obviously killed.

He was clearly really upset over it so I can assume that he doesn't want me murdered. Is it normal to have nightmares like that though or should I be a little concerned?


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  • I haven't had this type of dream, but I imagine it would be something that I'd be worried about. Wouldn't look TOO much into it though.


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  • Yes, that's normal. Dreams sometimes surpasses our wildest imaginations, taking us to worlds of fresh exciting adventure.

    I dreamed once of having sleeping with this beautiful girl in a castle. She has a long hair, great body shape, cool person to hang out with. Then things got hot and we did it in her bedroom. In the middle of the night, his dad came in and just chopped me like a bacon with an axe.

  • Female psyche, LOL!


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