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Was she trying to talk to me?

Theres this girl who goes to my school who I think likes me because she glances quick at me and looks away quick and gives me so many other clues but... Show More

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  • weird and confusing story the way you wrote it ha ha but anyways I think yea she was just trying to make conversation especially in school when you can talk about academics and classes and teachers, its what everyone has in common so its the best way to talk to guys. she was trying to talk to u. maybe she kinda likes you or is just being friendly. just don't over think it and assume stuff like she was out to get your attention, just relax and be friendly. it takes so much courage for a girl to talk to a guy she can be nervous and scared so the fact that she is trying to talk to u, just make her feel welcome to talk to you and make her feel included.

What Girls Said 9

  • She likes you! Try to start talking to her!

  • i don't know it doesn't even seem llike she was trying to even talk to you but it does seem like she likes you

    • how doesn't it seem like she was trying to talk to me? she answered the question I asked my friend she literally jumped into the convo

  • Not at all trying to be mean saying this...
    Why are you asking about this again? You both obviously like each other, but both have issues about approaching each other. Invite her to sit with you at lunch. Get to know her. Have the mutual friend there if it makes you more comfortable.

    • i didn't ask about it again my first question I didn't know it posted and it actually posted 3x. my computer kept acting up

  • I'd say she has a crush on you :) Problem is that she doesn't really know you - so she is crushing on a 'fantasy'-you not the real you... But if you like her you should give it a shot :)

    • I agree with you..I'm in a situation simular to this:-)

    • you like some guy too? @luvergiirl

  • Well she may of just used that as an excuse to talk to you. Like if there's a cute girl you have your eye on and she's asking her friends "How do I text somebody?" or something random you may think to yourself "Hmm I know the answer, PLUS I want to talk to this chick so here's my chance.." she was just basically taking her opportunity or being a nice person and tryign to help you out.

    Even if a girl doesn't know you if she likes you or finds you attractive she may stare at you or find ways to get to know you.

  • Talk to her

    She's into you

  • She's trying to hint that she likes you.

  • She's interested. Talk to her. Give her the time of day

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  • She was trying to talk to you. She definitely likes you.

    If you want to be with her, why not take a move now before you'll lose her?

    • yea but I think she has a boyfriend which is the confusing part because she did so many things to get attention from me. like she will stare at me from affar then when we get close she stares at the wall to avoid eye contact I don't know if she's nervous. what do you think?

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    • Just ask her.

    • thanks for the advice man! god bless

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