Was she trying to talk to me?

Theres this girl who goes to my school who I think likes me because she glances quick at me and looks away quick and gives me so many other clues but I never spoke to this girl. Well I was in the cafeteria in school and she was a couple of tables away from me and it was just me and her in the cafeteria. one of my friends who is a girl comes walking in and knows the girl that I think likes me so she has hi to her. then she comes to me and ask me why I wasn't in this Asian ladys class the other night so I asked her what Asian lady and as my friend is saying she doesn't know the girl from a couple of table down chimes in and says OH MISS SWAN! and I'm confused was she trying to talk to me or was she trying to get my attention? please help me out to understand


Most Helpful Girl

  • weird and confusing story the way you wrote it ha ha but anyways I think yea she was just trying to make conversation especially in school when you can talk about academics and classes and teachers, its what everyone has in common so its the best way to talk to guys. she was trying to talk to u. maybe she kinda likes you or is just being friendly. just don't over think it and assume stuff like she was out to get your attention, just relax and be friendly. it takes so much courage for a girl to talk to a guy she can be nervous and scared so the fact that she is trying to talk to u, just make her feel welcome to talk to you and make her feel included.