How do I get him to ask me out?

Hi (: OK so there's this guy in 7 outta my 8 classes & I know he's crushing on me. I'm pretty sure he's planning to ask me out soon . But he could be nervous around me & stuff. I'm not exactly sure how to get him to just ask me. He knows I like him & we're pretty couple-like sometimes. His friends know & those friends that use to spend the day flirting with me totally back off, especially when he's around. My friends know & back off too. How do I make it finally happen? Thanks, & God bless [:


Most Helpful Guy

  • Approach him when nobody else is around and ask him if he would like to get food or see a movie or go bowling or something. Rinse and repeat until he (or you) wants to do more.

    Do NOT do it while others are around or you'll embarrass the $#!% out of him and make him think you are making fun of him...

    I was asked out as a practical joke before two separate occasions in high school while a bunch of people were around laughing and making sex jokes. It's so rude and I keep wishing I had a time machine so I could go back to change certain things.

    It's great to be an adult and in a new area with a new persona. People are so quick to stick a label on someone that it's nigh impossible for that person to be shown under a different light. In my case I was doomed as soon as I became a "class clown" and got people laughing with and AT me.

    Anyway, do me a favor and really consider what other kids in your high school are like as people outside of their high school 'image'. Class clowns want to be taken seriously sometimes, too.