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How do I get him to ask me out?

Hi (: OK so there's this guy in 7 outta my 8 classes & I know he's crushing on me. I'm pretty sure he's planning to ask me out soon . But he could be... Show More

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  • Approach him when nobody else is around and ask him if he would like to get food or see a movie or go bowling or something. Rinse and repeat until he (or you) wants to do more.

    Do NOT do it while others are around or you'll embarrass the $#!% out of him and make him think you are making fun of him...

    I was asked out as a practical joke before two separate occasions in high school while a bunch of people were around laughing and making sex jokes. It's so rude and I keep wishing I had a time machine so I could go back to change certain things.

    It's great to be an adult and in a new area with a new persona. People are so quick to stick a label on someone that it's nigh impossible for that person to be shown under a different light. In my case I was doomed as soon as I became a "class clown" and got people laughing with and AT me.

    Anyway, do me a favor and really consider what other kids in your high school are like as people outside of their high school 'image'. Class clowns want to be taken seriously sometimes, too.

What Guys Said 10

  • Dont wait. Ask him out.

  • Get him and you in an empty room, alone, nobody watching, please. Don't say anything, let the silence make him finally say those words you want to hear so much.

  • Invite him out to an event that you two like. Just say" hey do you know (insert event here) is happening?" After his response, say "we should go."

  • set the a oppertunity

    just invite him over when your alone or to a simple "movie evening Friday night" with just you two or something like that

    try to be direct when talking but yet relaxing

  • just make him not afraid of you...try to be near with him

  • You want to remove his free will and have him act completely as you desire? Hmmm...this again.

    Blackmail or a Jedi Mind Trick, champ.

    Or just ask him out yourself and skip a lot of hassle.

  • i don't know how bold you are but you could say "you know, I wouldn't say no if you asked me out". that's only if you're EXTREMELY bold though...if he asks you out then voila. if you're not feeling that, just have to hope that he will, there's no way of "getting a guy to ask you out", you just have to wait

  • Yeah, also make sure you look at him when you are alone. It's a lot harder to ask when you are looking away from him.

  • Wear a fake nose and chirp like a bird when he is around

    • um, no.

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  • How about you ask him out? If you're so sure he likes you and wants to ask you out... Or maybe not just a date date but more like: hey, if you wanna hang out sometime, just let me know :-)

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