How to deal with virtual life of your significant other? how to know who you go to bed with?

Ive vrem in a relationship with a guy and then found out he was having a double fb account. I asked him bout it and he said hell shut it down. Tomorrow I found the same profile with another name. Asked hinm bout it and he got really mad. We broke up cause he said he can't live in jail. The other day I looked at that profile- 5 months after and his friends are all perverts with explicit photos etc.

I wonder- how to know in future if a person your in a relationsip with is the person he or she claims he is. And how to be sure he- she isn't cheating over fb


Most Helpful Guy

  • You should really screen guys whom you're about to have in a long term relationship.

    Spend a lot of time with them, and encourage that you, two, will really open up to each other before committing. That's the only way to know who your significant other really is.