How to deal with virtual life of your significant other? how to know who you go to bed with?

Ive vrem in a relationship with a guy and then found out he was having a double fb account. I asked him bout it and he said hell shut it down. Tomorrow I found the same profile with another name. Asked hinm bout it and he got really mad. We broke up cause he said he can't live in jail. The other day I looked at that profile- 5 months after and his friends are all perverts with explicit photos etc.

I wonder- how to know in future if a person your in a relationsip with is the person he or she claims he is. And how to be sure he- she isn't cheating over fb


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  • You should really screen guys whom you're about to have in a long term relationship.

    Spend a lot of time with them, and encourage that you, two, will really open up to each other before committing. That's the only way to know who your significant other really is.


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  • Honest question you think that others would consider you a "controlling" girlfriend?

    The reason I ask is because he made the reference of "living in jail".

    Hopefully you're not being too demanding and smothering him.

  • I'm not really sure if there is a way to know this. A lot if not most people will lie to you because they know you will get upset. I think you can read a lot about them by their body language and what they've done in the past to you.

  • Short of putting something on his computer to monitor his usage, I suspect it's tough to be sure.

    Also, it makes you wonder about the whole "billion users on Facebook" claims. Afterall, I suspect your boyfriend isn't alone in having more than one profile. I'd guess the actual number of users with a unique pulse is less than half the "offical" number. Still impressive, though.


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  • I guess you won't know...scary best advice is make yourself someone that is easy to talk to so that you can have good communication in a relationship, that way if something is lacking your future man and you will be able to easily talk about it

  • since it's a virtual life... I don't suppose it matters anyhow. for me, what he does with his spare time when not with me is none of my concern. if he wants to have an alter ego online, then so be it. who am I to tell him not to do these things; I certainly wouldn't appreciate if he told me not to do things I find to be none of his business.

    give and take, right?

  • Only thing I can suggest is not going to bed with somebody until you really know them.

    But then that begs the question, how do you know you really know them?