What do you think this guy is playing at?

Basically, I met this guy. We got talking and got on really well. He asked me on a date the next day (met at a club) which I agreed to. The next day he cancels, because he had a hangover but asked to reschedule. I thought that was fair enough so we aimed to meet up a few days later. Anyway, that day of the date came and several hours before hand he asked to reschedule again because his friends "were making him go out" that night. I told him I couldn't make that day because of a deadline. He hasn't spoken to me since.

What do you think he is playing at? Why keep rescheduling if he's not interested, and why keep cancelling if he is? Should I contact him again or leave it?

I wasn't that crazy on meeting up as I don't know him that well, but we did get on so well that I thought it would be nice to see. What do you think is happening here?


Most Helpful Girl

  • WOW he sounds super lame girl I would just forget about him! He just isn't that into you. If he was he would move heaven and earth to keep his plans w you. Forget him