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What do you think this guy is playing at?

Basically, I met this guy. We got talking and got on really well. He asked me on a date the next day (met at a club) which I agreed to. The next day... Show More

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  • WOW he sounds super lame girl I would just forget about him! He just isn't that into you. If he was he would move heaven and earth to keep his plans w you. Forget him

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  • You're trying to get with a party type guy, that's how they are, lol. Bros before hoes.

  • You met a guy at the club. This is what happens.

    Also canceling for a hangover is NOT a fair enough excuse!

  • maybe he's being polite. Doesn't want to outright say he's not interested in you as it might make you upset but he is hoping you give up and forget about him on your own.

    Or maybe he just plain does keep having stuff forcing him to delay

    • Yeah, I thought that to be honest. But he suggested meeting up the first time, re-arranging the second time and tried to re-arrange a third time. It wasn't really my idea. But I agree, if he was interested enough he would make time

  • He wanted to go out with his friends instead, text him, he was probably wasted,or he is not interested. Text him, won't hurt anything, don't overdue it.

  • Fine another guy, you don't reschedule the first date.

  • He's not *that* keen on you. If you're up for rescheduling, great. If you're just going to call the whole thing off. eh, he's not going to be that bothered.

    • Good call :) Not sure it's really worth trying to make happen to be honest, seems like more effort than it should be

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