Does he like me or not?

I was in Venice with my college group. And got to know this guy who I had known before but not as intensely as this. He is very difficult for me to read as I get a mixture of signals. Myself and him hang with a group of girls and we often share experiences or talk about girlie things, and he fits in with the group. But I could swear he shows more interest in me than all the others. He laughs or smiles at everything I say and I laugh back. I have caught him looking at me from a distance and when I look back he will quickly turn away or put his head down and smile. He has touched my arm and grabbed me a few times as in a playful gesture, which I haven't seem him do to the others. Whenever I speak he always listens and has shown a real interest in my talents and hobbies, which include art and singing and said they are the best talents anyone could have. He has also shared with me plenty about himself and what he likes to do in his spare time. When we were walking along its like he slows down to walk beside me instead. One time I wasn't with the group and he suddenly turned around and asked where I was in a sought of panic. He walked me to my room when I didn't feel too great and read me a book when he got back. The same night he brushed my hair for a long time and played with it. He has complimented me on my eye makeup (saying I look egyptian, and that that was a good thing) as well as the fact he loves my laugh which is full of life. On the other hand he does things such as blank me for a while, or expresses his particular taste for women in front of me, which I do not match up to. He has flirted with girls in front of me whilst keeping eye contact with me. One girl he flirted with I called annoying to him, and later on he agreed with what I said. At night he asked me to walk him to his room and gave me a tight unexpected hug. He showed me his best friends photo and said that one day I would meet him, which was strange as I had known him properly for all of five minutes. A big thing that happened was that I had another crush on another boy on holiday with the same name as the guy I fancy now. When I said he was fit he mistook it form him and blushed and started laughing about it, like he was embarrassed. The day after he was smiling for no reason and I asked him why. He replied that he was thinking about that same incident. I'm completely confused and haven't a clue what to do. I don't want to look stupid by asking him if he likes me. And things might change when we are back at college. But I am somewhat convinced that he likes me.


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  • What I have read either he likes you or he's your gay best friend. You get back to college ask him. You could do it before you go back. You won't look stupid.


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  • Exactly what Scorch said. Just email him or something. Make it short and to the point. Can't really come to a definitive conclusion. He could be a douche, gay, or a coward.


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  • He likes you! Its typical for a guy to send mixed messages, he wants you to know he likes you, but he doesn't want to seem desperate, he flirts with other girls and keeps eye contact with you because he wants to see your reaction, he wants you to be jealous, if you like him you should flirt with him, or maybe ask him if he wants to see a movie that you can't wait to see. Good luck!