Does he like me or not?

I was in Venice with my college group. And got to know this guy who I had known before but not as intensely as this. He is very difficult for me to read as I get a mixture of signals. Myself and him hang with a group of girls and we often share experiences or talk about girlie things, and he fits in with the group. But I could swear he shows more interest in me than all the others. He laughs or smiles at everything I say and I laugh back. I have caught him looking at me from a distance and when I look back he will quickly turn away or put his head down and smile. He has touched my arm and grabbed me a few times as in a playful gesture, which I haven't seem him do to the others. Whenever I speak he always listens and has shown a real interest in my talents and hobbies, which include art and singing and said they are the best talents anyone could have. He has also shared with me plenty about himself and what he likes to do in his spare time. When we were walking along its like he slows... Show More

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  • What I have read either he likes you or he's your gay best friend. You get back to college ask him. You could do it before you go back. You won't look stupid.