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Girls if a cute boy bumps into you by accident when you go down the stair would you be happy or not?

Like you go down the stairs and he goes up the stair and when about to turn he bumps into you by accident. What goes on your mind except sorry?

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  • Girls if a cute boy bumps into you by accident when you go down the stair would you be happy or not?

    Not happy I'm not seeing why I would be happy I could have been knocked down and fall down the stairs because the guy is cute.

    What goes on your mind except sorry?

    It's probably not an accident he bumped into me and this d*ck snot better apologize since he bumped into me or I'll bump into him making sure he falls down the stairs.

What Girls Said 21

  • i wouldn't care, I might go as far to check him out but nothing special

  • Well I wouldn't know if it was intentional or accidental, so I would just say sorry and move on with my life.

  • that would be a scene that would go on in my mind. . . especially if you smile or say something...:)

  • duhhh if he is cute lol and what would be on my mind is oh he was cute : ) but that's about it..maybe if I thought the guys was really my type and I was single I would try to get his number or figure out if he was single too.

  • I wouldn't care. Stuff like that can happen at anytime, anywhere.

  • I wouldn't care and just go on with my day, I would assume it was an accident

  • Eh. Unless it was someone I liked, I wouldn't really think or say anything besides 'sorry'. Someone's appearance is not enough for me to find them attractive and flip out about it.

  • No big Deal.

  • It depends on the situation/my current mood/ how his behavior after bumping in to me.

    If he smiles and apologizes then it would be sweet, but if he just bumped in to me and said "sorry" then I wouldn't make much of it. If he was cute, I would most definitely think about it for a few minutes-hour afterward, but again it depends on my mood and current situation. If I had a big exam my next class, I wouldn't be thinking about it it all.

  • probably "omg, I nearly died" and then "sorry!" and then "jesus, this is so embarrassing"

    lastly, as I'm walking away, I'd think either "oh, he was cute" or "yay, I got run over by a cute guy"

    or, if he didn't say sorry, which happens often to me, I'd think "bastard, he didn't say sorry" :D

    ... people bump into me a lot... I'm short, and they don't see me :')

  • if you make more contact after that and smile and apologize or say something witty, then id think how cute and daydream for the next hour or so.

  • Happens. I get over it.

  • It depends.

    If I don't go tumbling down the stairs, then yeah, I guess it would be all right. And if he smiles and apologizes

    But if he bumps into my and I fall... (you don't want to hear it) >:(

  • Omg I'm such a clutz I need to watch where I'm going! Omg wait he's hot nice going just keep walking like you didn't do it...

  • If it's by accident I'll brush it off no matter if the guy is good looking or not. If they bash into me to get my attention, I'd be annoyed.

  • I would be annoyed... unless he was nice and said sorry.

  • "oooh he's fine..hope he starts a conversation with me"

  • I don't care how good he looks or how nice he is, when I'm going down a flight of stairs, I'm hoping not to fall. So I'd actually be upset about it. Especially since I don't like being touched whatsoever.

  • Why would that make me happy? I don't think much of it unless he bumped me so hard I landed on my butt or the bump led to him initiating a conversation.

  • im a romantic so I would immediately start picturing how this would lead to him asking me out...even if it doesn't happen in reality : /

What Guys Said 1

  • i am going to start bumping into girls randomly to pick them up

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