So I told him I have a crush on him......

and this is what he said-

baby doll, you can have a crush on me all the time if you want makes me feel special. And no, it doesn't bother me. it's not like we're getting married tomorrow or anything. So crush away and hopefully we can chat soon, ok!

What does he mean?

P.S. we have never met and we met through an online site.


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  • careful with this.No where in there did he say or indicate his your feelings will be reciprocated.Some people love knowing they are loved or liked with no intentions of speaking further to an individual.Online dating has an awful amount of people content with being a serial dater and or having attention constantly.His comments above also may mean that he may message you later on...but don't hold your breath.If he wanted to chat,it wouldn't be "soon" ,it would be NOW.Just sayin,don't get you hopes up.


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  • He's basically just voicing how every guy feels when a girl takes interest.

    He's flattered by your advances, which is normal. Most guys just don't get asked out by girls since we do all the asking, so when girls make a move its a huge ego boost since its such a rare occurrence.

    For this same reason, guys typically don't get creeped out like girls do when a person is interested in us and we don't' share the same feelings. The only exception being if we're really repulsed by her or she is coming on way way way too strong.

    So basically what this guy is saying is "I don't like you back, but you liking me is cool since it makes me feel good. I'm not creeped out either so don't be ashamed. Please keep on chasing me so I can keep getting an ego boost that us guys normally never get".

    My advice is to simply take it to the next level and soon. Ask him to hang out or go on a date. If he refuses you definitely know wherw you stand and you can stop wasting your time flirting with a guy who isn't interested. I would strongly advice you from continuing to do nothing but chat and flirt with this guy online unless you want to risk having your time wasted from nothing.

    • i think I did a mistake by confessing my feelingsto him.i should have waited and let him make the first move.But as far as I know him I knew that he's not the kind who would make the first move so I had to do it but generally I don't do it.Thanks for the answer anyway.Makes a lot of sense :)

    • No that was not your mistake. In fact that was a good move because it flushed out his feelings. Had you not said anything, he might have continued to lead you on, resulting in lots of your own wasted time. Telling someone how you feel about them is never bad, guy or girl, unless its in some unique situation where its best to keep to yourself like at work or something.

  • He feels threatened that you're more forthcoming about things than he is. He wants to keep his options open at this point until he gets to know you in person better. He does throw out a line that he's flattered, but also wants to make sure you don't start planning a wedding behind his back. He's simply not ready to take that plunge yet.

    Arrange to meet with him in person if at all possible, so you two can get a taste of the real deal before committing to anything. I told a gal in another country that I was growing fond of her. She seemed all right with it. But her RPG-playing friends went berserk.

    • hmm...aww yea maybe he actually is feeling threatened.He always says he doesn't wanna get married and settle down at this age.Well I really don't have any plans to marry him lol but I just wanted to know wether he likes me or not?! maybe yea he wants to get to know me better.maybe he has feelings for me but too afraid to show them:) I don't think we would be able to meet any soon because he lives in another country so lets see :) thanks for answering.Can I add you?you seem to be like one wise guy.

    • Go for it.

  • How is it possible to have a crush on someone you've never actually seen? I'm only asking because I've never felt the urge to do that.

  • he want you to keep having a crush on him, even tho the feelings aren't mutual.

    those are words of an online player.

    • ohmy! I was actually falling for him because he seems to be so sweet and caring.I don't know wether he is an oline player or not but now I have my doubts.But once he said he cares about me and would do nothing to hurt me.ugh I am confused but I will surely be cautious from now on.Thanks for the answer

    • Player tell girls things they think they want to hear. perfect examples.

      Thinking of you.

      Were meant to be.

      You make my Day.

      I miss you,thank you for being you. etc ect

      ^^Just sweet words

  • 1. It means he is an internet chat text junkie.

    2. That means: It means nothing.

    3. Its a complete waste of time.

    4. You have no idea what you're doing.

  • ya there's no guarentee he likes you back. You probably would have been better off making sure he absolutly liked you before you break the ice.

  • Time for a shower together?

  • Kind of a weird response. I'd be cautious if I were you.

  • lol your being played out

  • Why don't you just message him back and ask what did he mean because while I am guy I don't know what he means and I am pretty sure neither does any of us on here. So what you need to do is message him back asking direct question like saying I really like you, do you feel the same way? If you do could we exchange phone numbers?

  • I love to give what you can take it! ,I will be treated you like the princess.(hellofaros/at/yahoo/dot/com)

  • you're being played like a fiddle

  • He's being charming about the fact that he doesn't have a crush on you.

    • :| ummm I don't really know.I thought he liked me :( but yea I guess you're right.

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  • lol damn... Ask him if he feels the same way

    • haha I don't wanna ask him I want him to say that himself someday without me asking. ;)

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    • oh can I add you as a friend?my username is angelina1992

    • Sure lol

  • Player !

  • ha, that's bullsh*t..hes playing with your head..don't crush on him,when he isn't telling you that he has one on you..If he liked you back he would have told you..