So I told him I have a crush on him......

and this is what he said-

baby doll, you can have a crush on me all the time if you want makes me feel special. And no, it doesn't bother me. it's not like we're getting married tomorrow or anything. So crush away and hopefully we can chat soon, ok!

What does he mean?

P.S. we have never met and we met through an online site.


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  • careful with this.No where in there did he say or indicate his your feelings will be reciprocated.Some people love knowing they are loved or liked with no intentions of speaking further to an individual.Online dating has an awful amount of people content with being a serial dater and or having attention constantly.His comments above also may mean that he may message you later on...but don't hold your breath.If he wanted to chat,it wouldn't be "soon" ,it would be NOW.Just sayin,don't get you hopes up.

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      alright! Thanks a lot :) I'll be cautious

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      I agree

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      I also agree