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Will ignoring him help or does he really not want to be with me?

Ok so me and this guy were talking since September and we finally started dating in December and we dated for two months. Things were perfect! I was... Show More

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  • He sounds immature and indirect. He probably had other things bothering him building up in his mind that he didn't tell you about, hence why you were so blindsided about the breakup.

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  • sounds like he takes things to the extreme.

    • What do you mean

    • fighting on V-day over something small without compromising.

What Girls Said 2

  • thats seems like a bit of an over reaction what was this "little" fight about

    • Nothing major really we argued Valentine's night over something that he does that I didn't like and Friday he was supposed to come over and I waited all day for him and that evening I called him and he said he doesn't have the gas to he told me all week he was gonna come over then he doesn't and that kinda hurt my feelings and that's when he lost it

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