Can someone give me an idea of where to meet poor but decent women?

Im not a doctor, laywer, or engineer. I don't have a masters degree or even a bachelors degree. I'm working on an AOS in Building Maintenance and Management at a city college and I'm working with my father in home remodeling/renovation. I plan on doing some kind of trade work in a few years...not sure what. Ill be well rounded by the time I'm done. I just want to know where I can meet women who would go with someone in my field. I grew up in the suburbs, so most of those kids are getting degree after degree, and I'm sure that someone with a bachelors degree wouldn't be with a blue collar guy.


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  • First,

    Don't put yourself down. You are working towards a goal and that's admirable. Having a trade is not a bad thing, intact its a great way to be steadily employed and make a decent living. Not all people with college degrees are rolling in the dough or are even all that smart/intellectual.


    I would date a 'blue collar' guy. I wouldn't care if he or I made more money either. It's a partnership not a competition. My sisters boyfriend fixes commercial trucks for a living and they are doing just fine. He makes 20 an hour. She is finishing up a degree in MIS.


    Don't settle for less because you think that's all you can get or will accept you. Be open to all possibilities. Blue Collar girl or not.

    I'll never understand why our society looks down on trade educated people. We are going to need your types in the future because right now the college degree is so saturated.

    Good luck!

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      Awesome, ty.