Can someone give me an idea of where to meet poor but decent women?

Im not a doctor, laywer, or engineer. I don't have a masters degree or even a bachelors degree. I'm working on an AOS in Building Maintenance and Management at a city college and I'm working with my father in home remodeling/renovation. I plan on doing some kind of trade work in a few years...not sure what. Ill be well rounded by the time I'm done. I just want to know where I can meet women who would go with someone in my field. I grew up in the suburbs, so most of those kids are getting degree after degree, and I'm sure that someone with a bachelors degree wouldn't be with a blue collar guy.


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  • First,

    Don't put yourself down. You are working towards a goal and that's admirable. Having a trade is not a bad thing, intact its a great way to be steadily employed and make a decent living. Not all people with college degrees are rolling in the dough or are even all that smart/intellectual.


    I would date a 'blue collar' guy. I wouldn't care if he or I made more money either. It's a partnership not a competition. My sisters boyfriend fixes commercial trucks for a living and they are doing just fine. He makes 20 an hour. She is finishing up a degree in MIS.


    Don't settle for less because you think that's all you can get or will accept you. Be open to all possibilities. Blue Collar girl or not.

    I'll never understand why our society looks down on trade educated people. We are going to need your types in the future because right now the college degree is so saturated.

    Good luck!


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  • hahaha. There is no place to meet girls like that. Most girls (well the decent kind) do not or should not care what your career is. You need someone to like you for you not for who or what you own or did in your life. If a girl calls you on it, she needs to double check herself.

  • Try going to Phillipines then?Lots of white men get poor and decent women out there.I mean seriosly you can consider that as a possibility.I know lots of men claiming that their filipinos are pretty decent and most of them are what say?

    • SE Asia is the place to go. Girls are pretty, slim, they know how to cook and look after a house, with traditional values. What else can we say?

  • Don't snub women with bachelor's degrees. I know plenty of women with degrees who are married to men without. And if you're uncomfortable dating a woman who makes significantly more money than you, then I'm not going to give you crap about it.

    Teachers, social workers, secretaries, receptionists, any kind of professional assistant (medical, legal, nursing...)...

  • Go into construction management.

  • You sound like you have really unhealthy view of relationships and of women.

    If you wanted equality and love why would you actively seek out a situation where you hold all the cards over someone?

    You automatically blame women instead of looking at yourself as the problem then wonder why they aren't all over you, I mean please, my uncle is a carpenter and he's married to a German economics professor, I know millions of "blue collar" guys who pull the ladies you have no excuses.

    stop this self pitying BS.

  • lol you're a monster

    • Why you called him a monster? You are not that type of girl who will call anyone with wrong names kat

    • He's openly looking for a poor woman lol

  • Here I am! lol

  • Meet a good girl in a church. meet a girl who is not so good in a bar.

  • right here ummm I don't know thirft stores.. I go there alot.. I basically never leave my house.. oh yea the farmer's market too...

    • +the library\

  • Dude, I live in the suburbs, and I dropped out of college. My boyfriend works for a bread company and is doing very well. I would be with him more than anything. I have dated college guys and realized that they were not for me and I need some one more down to earth. Some women who have degrees go with men who have no degrees. I mean it all depends on the person.

    I want a guy who I can go to and be open with. Not about dependability all the time just help doing my share, its equal share. I am with my man because he is down to earth. I love him the way he is even if he is irritating at times.

  • So basically you're insecure and feel the only way you can keep a woman is if she's financially dependent on you?a lot of abusive males are like that too...

  • ...sooooooooo you basically want to buy a wife? you're one creepy dude.


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  • Women will go with any guy, not because of money or status.

    It's how you present yourselves to them.

    Go to coffee shops, and you can approach women who are by themselves. Always, they are open for conversations.

  • Well, contrary to popular belief working in the building trades can get you richer quicker than getting a college degree. Lots of people in the trades live out in the suburbs. It's more healthy than working in an office, and will keep you in far better shape than the people who go to the gym. It's also one of the easiest ways to start your own company.

    You shouldn't have to look for poor women. Sure there are snobs who look down their nose at people who work in the trades, but there are plenty of middle class women who don't, and like a real man who works for a living instead of some wimp who sits in front of the computer all day. :p

  • You could always try Russia. There's a lot of poor girls there and I'm sure some are pretty decent.

    Seriously though I think you really need to just focus on being yourself and just look for a decent woman. Don't judge her based on financial status. There are good women in every social economic group. I think the goal here is trying to find a decent woman period. Try your local churches, or at some public events that are family oriented.

    I can't help but understand why she has to be poor anyway, unless you want a woman who you can manipulate through her dependency on you financially? If that's the case, then I really wouldn't be to fond of that and generally those type of men are often resented by their partner and the community as a whole.

  • Community college?

  • I want to know too