He seems to like me, but hasn't asked me out...?

Hi guys!

I met this really nice guy about two weeks ago when I was out with friends. I have never had much luck when it has come to guys, but he has been amazing to me. We hit it off pretty much immediately and have been hanging out almost every night since. The first night we hung out he invited me over to meet his friends, and he was the first to text me the next day asking me to do something. Over the weekend he stayed in with me both nights. On Friday he came over and we drank together and had a ton of fun. He asked me if I wanted to cuddle for the night in the most platonic way possible (his words)--but I had to turn him down because my friend was visiting for the weekend. On Saturday he stayed in with me again and we wound up cuddling and watching a movie. It felt so great to just lay in his arms and we both had so much fun. Before he left for the night Saturday he gave me a really long hug and I was hoping he would kiss me, but he didn't. He makes me feel so good about myself and I absolutely love being around him. The only problem is, I'm a junior in college and he's a senior, so he's graduating in a couple of months. I don't want to rush anything, but I really like him and would love to actually go out on a few dates with him. I'm not sure if he just doesn't want to start anything because he's graduating so soon, or if he's really just not interested in me like that. I really don't want to get my heartbroken and I'm starting to worry a little. All of my friends think he likes me a lot because he always wants to see me, but I'm not sure what he's thinking anymore. I guess my question is, should I talk to him about it or just let whatever happens happen? I REALLY like this guy and I want him to know that and I think I'd regret not at least trying to talk to him...I'm just nervous it won't work. Please help...I'm also sorry for the incredibly long post...


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  • Yeah he definitely likes you. He's just a typically guy with a moderate level of confidence.

    He's got enough to make some moves, to call you up, cuddle, without being a complete nervous wreck, but after that he's hesitant, as many guys would be in his situation. For all you know, he has the same fears about you not really being into him and only using him.

    He likes you, he just hasn't had the guts to fully close the deal yet, and ask you to be his GF. He'll probably ask soon enough, some guys just move slow. Just make sure you continue to encourage him. If you seem hesitant yourself, he might get the vibe your not all that into him anymore and he'll be more afraid to ask. If you're really bold, you can just bring it up yourself. Just ask him if he's ever given any thought to make things official between the two of you.


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  • Yes, if he's not pushing for more involvement, he's probably keeping in mind that he'll be leaving the area soon. He sounds like a nice guy and doesn't want you to have your feelings hurt when he leaves.

    I'd try to keep in touch with him and when you graduate, see if he is still iinterested. He sounds like he'd be worth waiting for!

  • Sounds like one of two things to me: 1. He's a closet gay and likes being close to you just not intimately (hinted at because of the whole "in the most platonic way" thing). 2. He really likes you but is too shy/inexperienced to be forward about it so he's trying to ease into it hoping you get the message and it'll just happen. More often the answer would be number 2, so go ahead and talk to him about it lightly or even make a move yourself or just give strong signs. There's no rule in this world that says a girl can't make a move herself, yet so many girls that like someone will do nothing hoping the guy just knows she likes him. Shy guys like he probably is would probably prefer you to make a move to help relieve him of the stress and nerves of doing it himself.

    So give it a shot and do something about it, as they say you lose 100% of the time you don't try.

  • If he's really is into you, he will ask you out. It's that simple.

  • Yes he hasn't asked you out but you spend time together any way .. so sounds like if you asked him or made a move he would reciprocate.. Up to you what you want ..

  • Simply tell him your feelings. Talk to him about it.

    Better risk everything now rather than regret it later.


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  • Just ask him out

    • smartest girl on the planet

    • lol how does that make me the smartest girl on the planet?