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GIRLS - Would you be attracted to a guy who plays the Bass Guitar?

Well obviously my name says it so I'm a bassist, but a lot of women say they find musicians attractive, but there's this notorious saying in bands... Show More

  • Vote A Yes, bassists are attractive
  • Vote B No, more attracted to guitarists/singers
  • Vote C Other (say in your answer), or you're a guy who wants to see the results

Most Helpful Opinion

  • If he's an attractive guy, yes, I will find him attractive, no matter what instrument he plays in the band. If the singer is an ugly guy, I wouldn't find him attractive just because he's the singer of the band.

    But OK, singers may have a bigger influence or sex appeal just because they're the singer, but just grab the attention and play a hell of a good bass! Look at Blink 182, when they were more popular in my country I just loved Travis as a drummer, I thought he looked hot with all his tattoos and the singer looked good too, but, I don't know, Travis was more my cup of tea.

    • Really this guys;


      This guy looks ugly as fuq, looks like a freak with all his body covered with tattoos. So maybe you're actually more into drummers than you think. :)

    • Or I'm just a fan of tattoos

What Girls Said 8

  • i am drawn to vocalists because I have a thing for voices and emotional facial expressions. I have heard that saying but in reality there are bassists who steal the show and all the girls crowd around that side of the stage. I have dated vocalists, guitarists, bassists and drummers. I have noticed a correlation between music and sex. ???? (bass & drums) tend to have better rhythm in bed. 80% of the guys I've dated are in rock bands. visual kei, you know?

    reita from the gazette is the sexiest bassist ever(*´?`*)�

  • I love bass players. They're the ones that hold down the beats in the music, and just the way a bass sounds is such an aphrodisiac to me. So, that would be a yes ;)

  • I think bass guitarists are always generally the hottest and coolest member

  • If he's hot, I don't care what instrument he plays.

  • i think that any guy in a band...no matter what instrument he plays can be hot!

  • WIll I be attracted to a guy just because he plays the bass (or any instrument really)? No. Though, I do find musical talent an attractive feature, it wouldn't be my sole motivation in being attracted to a guy. It takes more than just an instrument for me to be attracted to a guy, though it definitely helps raise his attractiveness level up a few notches.

  • Gosh, yes. The bass hits a sweet spot in a person's soul, so folks listening will immediately feel close to that sound. Don't you notice gals sort of fawning and looking at you between sets, man? Lol!

What Guys Said 7

  • Ever heard of Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead?

    Ugliest motherf***er in the world, plays bass (like a lead guitar) and had more women than you and I can dream of.

  • I don't think I can conceive of a girl thinking "oh, he plays BASS? I'm no longer attracted to him/won't be attracted to him because of that."

  • I play drums and guitar...just sayin'...ladies. ;)

  • Used to play bass in a band years back. Never had any problems regrading playing a bass.

    I knew this guy he was a bass player too always had the ladies chasing after him so it's not what you play it's the attitude that counts.

  • Most definitely!

  • Honestly, women are not going to judge your attractiveness on whether you're in a band or not, or what instrument you play. If you're not in high school or you don't have a record deal, being in a band in itself won't make women any more attracted to you.

    How much women you get depends on your looks, charm, style and character. Regardless of what instrument.

    • You'd be surprised at what saying you play guitar can achieve. Hell, I've been through it and it still surprises me every time.

    • totally agree

    • I don't agree with this answer.

  • I have it on good authority that girls LOVE guys who play guitar, with piano being a close second. As one 15 year old Roissy told me with a sly grin, "Go back to playing the piano, man. I can play, and it's great. Learn to sing along with that, and you're guaranteed a great fun time with girls, haha..." Little bastard... I haven't talked to him in a year, he's probably on girl number 57 by now.

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