GIRLS - Would you be attracted to a guy who plays the Bass Guitar?

Well obviously my name says it so I'm a bassist, but a lot of women say they find musicians attractive, but there's this notorious saying in bands (including mine) that say the bassist and drummer get the least amount of women. So I'm wondering, would you find a guy who plays bass guitar attractive?

  • Yes, bassists are attractive
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  • No, more attracted to guitarists/singers
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  • Other (say in your answer), or you're a guy who wants to see the results
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If he's an attractive guy, yes, I will find him attractive, no matter what instrument he plays in the band. If the singer is an ugly guy, I wouldn't find him attractive just because he's the singer of the band.

    But OK, singers may have a bigger influence or sex appeal just because they're the singer, but just grab the attention and play a hell of a good bass! Look at Blink 182, when they were more popular in my country I just loved Travis as a drummer, I thought he looked hot with all his tattoos and the singer looked good too, but, I don't know, Travis was more my cup of tea.

    • Really this guys;


      This guy looks ugly as fuq, looks like a freak with all his body covered with tattoos. So maybe you're actually more into drummers than you think. :)

    • Or I'm just a fan of tattoos

What Girls Said 8

  • i am drawn to vocalists because I have a thing for voices and emotional facial expressions. I have heard that saying but in reality there are bassists who steal the show and all the girls crowd around that side of the stage. I have dated vocalists, guitarists, bassists and drummers. I have noticed a correlation between music and sex. ???? (bass & drums) tend to have better rhythm in bed. 80% of the guys I've dated are in rock bands. visual kei, you know?

    reita from the gazette is the sexiest bassist ever(*┬┤?`*)�

  • I love bass players. They're the ones that hold down the beats in the music, and just the way a bass sounds is such an aphrodisiac to me. So, that would be a yes ;)

  • If he's hot, I don't care what instrument he plays.

  • I think bass guitarists are always generally the hottest and coolest member

  • i think that any guy in a matter what instrument he plays can be hot!

  • WIll I be attracted to a guy just because he plays the bass (or any instrument really)? No. Though, I do find musical talent an attractive feature, it wouldn't be my sole motivation in being attracted to a guy. It takes more than just an instrument for me to be attracted to a guy, though it definitely helps raise his attractiveness level up a few notches.

  • Gosh, yes. The bass hits a sweet spot in a person's soul, so folks listening will immediately feel close to that sound. Don't you notice gals sort of fawning and looking at you between sets, man? Lol!


What Guys Said 7

  • Used to play bass in a band years back. Never had any problems regrading playing a bass.

    I knew this guy he was a bass player too always had the ladies chasing after him so it's not what you play it's the attitude that counts.

  • Ever heard of Lemmy Kilmister of Mot├Ârhead?

    Ugliest motherf***er in the world, plays bass (like a lead guitar) and had more women than you and I can dream of.

  • I don't think I can conceive of a girl thinking "oh, he plays BASS? I'm no longer attracted to him/won't be attracted to him because of that."

  • I play drums and guitar...just sayin'...ladies. ;)

  • Honestly, women are not going to judge your attractiveness on whether you're in a band or not, or what instrument you play. If you're not in high school or you don't have a record deal, being in a band in itself won't make women any more attracted to you.

    How much women you get depends on your looks, charm, style and character. Regardless of what instrument.

  • Most definitely!

  • I have it on good authority that girls LOVE guys who play guitar, with piano being a close second. As one 15 year old Roissy told me with a sly grin, "Go back to playing the piano, man. I can play, and it's great. Learn to sing along with that, and you're guaranteed a great fun time with girls, haha..." Little bastard... I haven't talked to him in a year, he's probably on girl number 57 by now.