GIRLS - Would you be attracted to a guy who plays the Bass Guitar?

Well obviously my name says it so I'm a bassist, but a lot of women say they find musicians attractive, but there's this notorious saying in bands... Show More

  • Vote A Yes, bassists are attractive
  • Vote B No, more attracted to guitarists/singers
  • Vote C Other (say in your answer), or you're a guy who wants to see the results

Most Helpful Girl

  • If he's an attractive guy, yes, I will find him attractive, no matter what instrument he plays in the band. If the singer is an ugly guy, I wouldn't find him attractive just because he's the singer of the band.

    But OK, singers may have a bigger influence or sex appeal just because they're the singer, but just grab the attention and play a hell of a good bass! Look at Blink 182, when they were more popular in my country I just loved Travis as a drummer, I thought he looked hot with all his tattoos and the singer looked good too, but, I don't know, Travis was more my cup of tea.

    • Really this guys;


      This guy looks ugly as fuq, looks like a freak with all his body covered with tattoos. So maybe you're actually more into drummers than you think. :)

    • Or I'm just a fan of tattoos