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Girls, what’s the most attractive men’s fragrance?

Girls, what do you think is the most attractive men’s fragrance? I want something that will turn girls on or make them turn their heads, lol.

Thanks for the answers so far. Please mention a specific fragrance if you can as most fragrance brands make more than one fragrance.

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  • dolce&gabana light blue !my ex wore anna sui ... it was nice during sex ... caught my attention ...another ex wore CHANEL allure homme ...

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  • Givenchy or that crap they spray all around Abercrombie and fitch

    • Is there a particular Givenchy or A&F fragrance that you like?

    • This one! It makes me feel like the girls in the axe commercials! link

    • It's called "irresistible" and that's not a lie!

  • Abercrombie & Fitch

    • I feel like your the same guy I just commented on two of your other questions.. They all say three hours ago'

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    • OK, you caught me. Fragrances, a sister no guy deserves, and erotic steak... I have a lot of problems lol.

    • :D yay! I had a feeling since you say lol behind every sentence. Lol.

  • Spice bomb. :D

  • i like something clean smelling and fresh

    • Like what? LOL.

  • I love Paul Sebastian

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