Ex doesn't want to talk but still stares at me?

My ex girlfriend and split about 4 months ago at her request. She said that I didn't show how much I cared about her ( she's somewhat... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think she's still into you and wants you back. She sounds proud on top of being insecure, and if the reason she broke up with you is your lack of displays of affection, she's probably waiting for you to beg for forgiveness... She's been hurt, so she won't be satisfied with just a talk.

    In my opinion it's kind of immature to expect an apology but run away from you. I don't know the details to your relationship, maybe she deserves one (an apology), maybe she doesn't. But if she's not letting you talk and have the chance to explain yourself, then you don't owe her anything.

    Unless you also want to get back with her, in which case you could try giving a little more effort. It's up to you really! Sorry I don't know if this really helps :/