Why do guys like to play around with girl's feelings?

This guy for the past month and a half has been flirting with me and I just found out he is going to be a dad in a few months. I'm hurt. I just don't understand why he would flirt like it's no big deal when he is about to be a dad in a few months!


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  • Why do girls play around with guys feelings?

    Well, most girls do it to get a confirmation that they are good/hot/accepted etc. enough amongst guys in order to boost their ego. Which is kind of sad, really.

    Or, they just love the idea of getting chased by some guy.

    I've had several girls trying to get me to chase after them, which have only resulted in me telling them that I'm not going to chase them because they're not worth my time anymore.

    Afterwards I just ignore them and move on.

    Most of them have flirted like crazy with me, and every time I've thought they have been just the "flirty type" but not really, some of them have even kissed me.

    All I can say is, if a girl have given you a lot of compliments/flirting/kisses and then suddenly out of the blue just drops it, that usually means that she's trying to get you to chase her.

    Or, possibly, she's clueless about her feelings.


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  • Women do the same, they flirt and are married or have a boyfriend but its not written in stone that you have to be single and unattached to flirt, its just a form of communication and to have fun.

  • Much for the same reason girls do it with guys. Not everyone does it, but there are people who do and you find them in both male and female forms.

    Question is, what makes you think other guys have anything to do with this guy? Why would this one guy do something to you and then you think "guys do this?"

  • People do it solely for their ego + they don't care who they lead on as long as their ego is satisfied.

    It boils down to the ones who do it are insecure so they are looking for that re-assurance.


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  • to feel like men and get more confident.

  • Simple...some people are just a**holes jus gotta b on the look out for losers like tht.