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Why won't he ask me out ALREADY?

I met this guy at work. We flirt constantly. We have great eye contact. He took me out for drinks and paid. We made out. He is always around me.... Show More

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  • The interest seems to be there. It's hard to say why he hasn't asked for your number yet. There could be many reasons including that he wants to take things slowly, especially when kids are involved. There are plenty of guys (and girls) who've been hurt badly and are a little gun-shy about relationships. I wouldn't rule out that he considers your times out together as dates. You probably will have to be patient with him and consider taking some of the steps to keep things moving along.

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  • he might just be trying to see if you would work well together.

  • well he might want to take things slow because he wants to know you better and see if you are worth his time becaus ehes a dad, or he might think you are gettingg to know each other and he doesn't want to rush things in case you don't work out

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