Would you mind, if a girl would be the one starting the conversation?

So first of all, I'm 20 and never had a boyfriend. I did already went on a couple of dates, but I still feel very inexperienced.

There is this guy I met last week and he was cute and seemed nice. So I added him on fb and started the Conversation. (Under an excuse).

Since then we texted a bit, but it is more like me asking questions and him answering them... (but usually in a longer way).

So my question would be, would you mind, if you were the guy?

What about me asking him out?

And how can I turn the asking session in a real conversation :)?

*puts up cookies and waits for answers*


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  • Most guys adore for the girl to be the aggressive one for a change, and you're only texting anyway. Not a big deal, even if he's a traditional type guy who wants to be the one in charge.

    Nowadays, you can take the initiative and not be called names by most people, any more. Even in 'real time', not just in texting.

    So go ahead and get to know the guy. If he likes you, he'll start holding up his end of the conversation. If he stays passive, well, you've learned something, and you can chat up some other guy who might respond with more enthusiasm!

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      Thanks a lot you two :)).

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      Never look back!

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