How can I as a black girl pick up a white guy?

I just think white guys are hot but I don't know how to approach them, or what to do to attract them.


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  • You attract them the way you would attract any other guy. You look at your best features(physically, mentally, emotionally etc) and put your best foot forward. You look at the things that make someone a good partner and work on those too. White guys aren't magical creatures. They are human just like you and me and more often than not they are just looking for good and attractive partner regrdless of that persons racial background. Culturally there are certain behavior s and tastes associated with white folk and if you are willing to change who you naturally are to be similar to them it will be difficult, but I suggest you study the behavior of the white girls and see how they snag white guys.


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  • Guys are guys. Race doesn't change anything in terms of gender and personality varies from individual to individual. If you respectfully let him know, he should respond. Just like if you approached a Black man or a man of any other race. If you approach and he feels you're his type, you shouldn't have any problems at all.

  • Be yourself (:

    You go girl !

  • Same thing you do to attract any guy:

    1) Be nice

    2) Be hot

    3) Be fun

    4) Be interesting

  • just look good, that's mostly what guys care about anyway

    • What do you care about when it come sto a girl!?...

  • Are you genetically female? Check.

    Sounds good. There is no secret racist dance.

  • just tell him you want some cream in your coffee.

    • Ill keep that in mind...:)

  • Why would you want one?


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  • Well first I don't think you should approach guys, you don't wanna come off thirsty. its best to let him come to you. I know a lot of people disagree with me but idc they can give you their own advice

    make sure you're thin. ain't gotta be super skinny but at least smaller than a size 6/8 if you're average height. most of them don't go for thick girls and def not fat

    hang out with more white girls. people tend to prefer those in their social circle, and they can help introduce you to the guys you like.

    dress like white girls. um I don't know what is in style for the average white girl, but you want to look more "abercrombie" than "karma loop"

    • Last two paragraphs are my favorite! Thanks a lot :)

  • like any guy. look good and be flirty. show interest.

  • Assimilate in personality, behavior and the way you dress

  • flirt with him a lot

  • as you would pick up a black guys, race doesn't change relationships

  • like a white girl, just flirt with the guy