Have you broke up with a woman because she was too attractive?

A few years ago, I had a girlfriend who was a stunner. And being with her made me feel good...for a while. She was bombarded with attention, and I was nerdy and other guys were wondering, "how did he get her?!" I am insecure enough as it, and I was very intimidated by her. Unable to handle all the attention she was getting. I broke up with her and I told her it's because she's TOO attractive. She told me, "that's not fair, I can't help the way I look." I couldn't handle it. Since then, I haven't approached or dated an attractive woman at all.I haven't seen her in 2 years. I just can't handle it. Was I being unfair?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well yes an no.

    It really sucks to have a extremely hot girlfriend. At first it is really cool and it makes you feel like a million dollars but most extremely attractive women *not all* don't even realize that they bring it onto themselves.

    Especially with social networking.

    Lot of young extremely attractive women love the attention of guys hitting on them or they love the attention of hating so many guys hitting on them.

    A lot of them are hit in so much that they are insecure about themselves and need the extra attention of all these guys hitting on them and they don't understand or see that it makes a boyfriend or husband jealous.

    And we ad guys are suppose to be the ones not showing that it bothers us too much, but it really does. 50% of very attractive women don't grow out of it until they become overweight housewives going on menopause.

    Some of them hang out and bars thinking that they are young still but they are old women with tramp stamps wearing tight spaghetti strap tank tops and tight clothes, they arnt fat but they have this weird slushy look to them like water is resting in between there skin and there muscles. They partied and drank so much that they look like winded human waterbeds with scratchy 50 year old smokers voices and the only guys that hit on her are the karaoke guys with cowboy hats on and wrangler jeans with snakeskin cowboy boots or the bearded mountain man with a potbelly who attend the local bar practically every single night.