Did I come across as needy and if so, how do I redeem myself, I would really like to get to know this guy bett

A few months ago these guys walk into my dept at work - I am mid management so I was curious and just watched for a while - they acted like they owned the place. One of them - we will call him S - walks up to me and says "ok, your turn" and we go in my office and he drills me with questions about what I do. Then he starts telling me he just moved here a year ago and doesn't know the good places to hang out, asks if I know any - I told him a few places to go, he happens to mention that he has a truck and a sports car, then gives me his card - this guy is like my boss' boss' boss, pretty high up on the food chain and VERY focused on his career. Some time goes by and I find myself in a meeting with him, he starts emailing me and flirting during the meeting, just short and sweet type stuff. A few weeks go by again and I email him asking for new work equipment for my staff to increase productivity, he asks the right people for help but nothing came of it - I was a little flirty in the... Show More

Side note - my boss is a total pig and not well liked by many people in my company. Him and I have had our issues, and I have told S about these issues. Each time I tell him about it he gets his feathers all ruffled up and starts telling me what I should do - I think its cute the way he tries to stick up for me without actually mentioning me.