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Did I come across as needy and if so, how do I redeem myself, I would really like to get to know this guy bett

A few months ago these guys walk into my dept at work - I am mid management so I was curious and just watched for a while - they acted like they... Show More

Side note - my boss is a total pig and not well liked by many people in my company. Him and I have had our issues, and I have told S about these issues. Each time I tell him about it he gets his feathers all ruffled up and starts telling me what I should do - I think its cute the way he tries to stick up for me without actually mentioning me.

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  • I don't see anything in what you describe as coming off as needy. Nor does it seem like he has lost interest in you somehow. I would suggest that you be careful in talking about your boss to him. That will put you in the middle of their power struggle. It might also look to others like your interest in him contains an element of ambition. Better to just keep clear of those kinds of things. If S leaves then you might be extremely vulnerable with your boss.

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