Why we attracted to each other ?

Why we attracted to each other ?

The question is short but I think answer would not be short. Please answer it & win as a best answerer.

Each other means "Guys & Girls" togather. I think you all don't understood my question.


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  • well the true reason why humans are attracted to one another is simply to forward the population by having sex the women and men tht will be better at birthing children are "hotter"

    and the people tht will have miscarriages or be infertile are less hot...

    while this is the layman's term scientific definition I feel it is not 100% correct

    the reason I say this is b./c we can look at homosexual couples tht have absolutely no chance of birthing children yet they are still attracted to one another...

    while I don't believe anyone has actually answered this question scientifically so there is no certain answer I can say this I personally believe tht it is simply the way you interact with tht person

    heres an example if a straight man tht is the perfect specimen for impregnating women and a straight woman tht is the perfect specimen for birthing children do not like each other because one hates the other guts they are not attracted to one another...therefore while they may be perfect biology wise they are not perfect in actuality...

    so I suppose what I'm getting at is tht is falls down to a number of things biology human interaction and just the way events unfold...

    you are correct this is a long answer for a short question I have no idea how people answered it in one sentence or less...


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  • The deepest answer I can give you, because its a deep question is, "Because we want to be."

    • Yes it was deep question, but I need some. OK, thanks.

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  • God made us to be.

  • We are naturally born to be attracted to other humans. We are just made that way. And we are also communicative (can't think of a different word) creatures. We need to communicate with others like us. Communication leads to liking others.

  • Are you looking for honesty or politically correct?

    If the latter, I can't help you.

    Otherwise, the answer is gender-specific and is either sexual attraction or money / security. It is thusly coded in our genes.

  • I am not attracted to crows :D