He was asking about birth control. What's on his mind?

My boyfriend and I have Been together eight months. We've been taking things slow and we're both virgins. Recently we've started showering together, and that caused my boyfriend to have me ask my mom if she doesn't mind. I did, and we got into the whole "be safe" conversation, and she also mentioned about wanting to get me on birth control before anything happens. I relayed this message to my boyfriend, and he seemed fine with it.

Tonight he randomly asked me when my mom is going to put me on birth control. I told him when my appointment was and asked why he was asking, and he said he was just wondering. I can't help but wonder why he asked about it.


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  • What do you mean you Mom putting you on birth control? You 14 or something? if you think yo are gong to have sex you put yourself on birth control. In this country you can do it and not tell anyone but your doctor or nurse. You need no one's permission. if you are determined to be abstinent until marriage consummation you don't need anything but your discipline and self control. If you are so in love with him that you want his male love you must make the decision and use your wisdom. This a good and necessary conversation. Tell your lover what you feel and what your rules are. If he does not respect them then he does not respect you. its obvious he wants you badly. That's just plain scorching hot. If you two marry he will want babies.

    • I'm only asking my mom because I'm under her insurance and when I got on it myself they gave me one that wasn't covered by her insurance. Otherwise I would.

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  • You know damn well. He wants to have sex, so the sooner you start on the pills, the sooner he can have sex.

  • The only time us guys would ask this is if we're interested in having sex. He's probably anxious to do it but definitely talk to him first so that you two are on the same page.

  • he wants to bust ALL KNDS OF NUTS in u

  • So you two are showering together but not having sex...?

    • That's right. I'd rather get comfortable being naked around him first. So he suggested that and we did.

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  • The reason he's inquiring is probably when you guys are showering it turns him on. I'm surprised you haven't noticed anything going on down there for him. I respect you for having an open relationship with your mom, that's totally awesome. Just remember don't do anything you will regret later. I waited till I was married to have sex and so did my hubby, I'm glad I waited to tell you the truth because to have that intimacy and if we broke up to do it with someone else I can't imagine going through it all over again. Good Luck!

  • He wants to have sex with you, but he doesn't want children.

  • He was probably asking because sex was/is on his mind. It's not a big deal, though. It's good that he wants to be informed on this. Keep in mind that it does take a little bit of time for birth control to become affective. It doesn't start working automatically...just something to keep in mind.

    • I know, I want to get used to taking it and have taken it for a while before I did anything. I just found it surprising for him to ask. I had a suspicion that was the case, but he's never really openly expressed an interest in sex before till lately.