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When my ex sent me old emails!!!

Me and my ex broke up since end of last December. We spoke each other for the first few months after break up. But after the third months we... Show More

Think you guys!
Yes and empty email that's contains our old mails conversations.

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  • Hmmm if I get it right you are saying he sent you an email containing an old emails conversation? Could it be that he was missing you maybe and was reading old mails(I did that a couple times) and by mistake while reading he pushed somewhere to reply the email but by mistake and when he realizes it went blankemail to you containing the conv. But he didn't mean to do that, or he finally getting over you was deleting those mails but out of nostalgic or mistake read/replied blank mail, or he just did it on purpose for any weird intention that I can't think of lol I recommend you to don't reply back, he didn't say anything, is just an old emails, he broke up with you, he told you that you don't need to keep his contact so, if he wants to contact you again, he will do it, don't let this bug you, don't contact him untill he really does, not with blank emails or stuff that may be mistakes/ testing waters stuff, anyways whatever you decide to do, it's up to you but if I was doing what he did to you and got a reply from my ex about that old emails/blank email I'd think She is still thinking of me because she replied to something she didn't have to (as I didn't say anything since is blank/old email) let he miss you if that's the case. If he really wants to contact you, He will do it, this may just be a missclic from his part on the old email

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  • It seems like he accidentally forwarded or replied to an old email.i would not reply to him. if he wasn't doing that to catch your attention or something you don't need to play into his games...i'd really try to move on.

  • You need to get over him and move on.

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