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So does he like me or is he just flirting to flirt?

Okay sorry this is going to be kind of long. Well back in September, homecoming week, his girlfriend broke up with him and so he and I like kinda... Show More

Sorry that it's long just tell me what you think please? And all the guys he talks to have been nicer to me, talking more to me and stuff ever since we've been flirting you know.

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  • It seems like he likes to flirt with you alot. I think he does seem to care and may like you more then a friend because the way he acts around you and the things he says etc.I think he lieks the attention that you give him.And I think maybe he girlfriend doesn't show him enough attention or maybe things is nto going good between them.Just because somebody has a boyfirend or a girlfriend doesn't mean that their happy in their relationship.He does seem to like talking and really flirting with you. Can thigns change?Maybe.Maybe he might break up with his girlfriend. You never know what can happen.

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