What are some fun things to do with my boyfriend?

I've been in a relationship for almost 4 months, and I don't really know any fun activities we can do together. The only thing we do to have fun is go to the movies or out to eat. Any other time we're just at my house watching tv. I want to explore some new things. What are some other fun things we can do together?


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  • Some things I did when I was your age:

    - Miniature golf

    - Picnics

    - Paddle boats/Canoing/Kayaking

    - Swimming

    - Go Karts/Bumper boats

    - Arcade/Tilt

    - Concerts

    - Coffee Shops

    - Bowling

    - Laser Tag

    - Horseback Trail Ride

    - Museums/Art Exhibits

    - Street festivals and fairs

    - Sporting events

    - Hiking

    - Play in the mud (4 wheel drive trucks/quads/dirt bikes)

    - Camping

    - Fishing (even if you don't touch the bait it can be fun! )

    - Seeing plays/musicals at a theater (not movies! )

    I'm really into history and photography so I'd be into visiting the plantations and such though you've probably visited plenty on school field trips! Also check on 225batonrouge. Com for current happenings.

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      Thank you this helps a lot