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He just ignores me.

so we broke up about two months ago .. and had a pretty bad break up . he said he loved me on the day he was breaking up with me and then brought me... Show More

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  • Well he broke up with you so obviously he feels like your relationship wasn't working it is normal for guys to ignore you after they break up with you actually if they are the ones to break up with you that means they normally think it is completely over. My friend had a boyfriend who told her if he ever didn't want to date my friend anymore he would just ignore her completely and never talk to her again and sure it enough they got in a fight and he never talked to her again. Just I know it sounds bad but stop messaging him and move on it will be hard but go out with friends start opening yourself to a possible new boyfriend at least try going on a date or two with someone new. I find it best to cut out my exes completely because then when I see him somewhere I can be like oh he is here and move on I don't care. Now it will be harder for you since your relationship was going for 3 years but he did cheat on you which meant he didn't think much of you then and not to be rude but after he cheated on me I would have said goodbye.

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  • Let him go girl.

  • move on...don't think of it as a waste of time. LEARN from the experience and grow as a person. Don't contact him. Yep, it's hard, but time will heal all, and it will it faster if you cut all contacts with him.

  • Then leave him behind in the dust

  • Jesus Christ, get some dignity and stop contacting this asshole. NO contact. AT. ALL. Do not take him back, do not wish for him back. Learn this life lesson and move on.

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