What is this so called man crush Monday these young kids are saying now days?

So I was wondering, why is Monday a day for man crushing for a straight guy?

Is man crush Monday the only time a man can say, "ooh that guy is fiiiine! Mmm...!" And still considered a straight man?

I just don't get man crush Monday. It boggles the mind.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Man Crush Monday, to me is when you post a picture or comment on a certain male who you find attractive, could be a crush from school, friend or celebrity.

    Women Crush Wednesday is the same.

    It's just a new trend on social media. Let it be nothing wrong with it, just like other trends is will fade away. This is what most teens & young adults are into. Just like when you guys were younger you guys went through certain trends & such. This generation has random trends mostly NON unique just past trends, just mixed up.