What is this so called man crush Monday these young kids are saying now days?

So I was wondering, why is Monday a day for man crushing for a straight guy?

Is man crush Monday the only time a man can say, "ooh that guy is fiiiine! Mmm...!" And still considered a straight man?

I just don't get man crush Monday. It boggles the mind.


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  • Man Crush Monday, to me is when you post a picture or comment on a certain male who you find attractive, could be a crush from school, friend or celebrity.

    Women Crush Wednesday is the same.

    It's just a new trend on social media. Let it be nothing wrong with it, just like other trends is will fade away. This is what most teens & young adults are into. Just like when you guys were younger you guys went through certain trends & such. This generation has random trends mostly NON unique just past trends, just mixed up.


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  • Man crush Monday is when you post a picture of a sexy man that you find attractive in your opinion (preferable a celebrity).

    Don't know for Tuesdays

    Woman crush Wednesdays

    Throwback Thursdays

    Flashback Fridays (If you forget to do your throwback Thursday :))

    Selfie Saturday

    Selfie Sundays( you take a picture of yourself)

  • ? I never even heard about it. I guess I should start going out more XD haha..

  • haha! its something teenagers are putting on Facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. to show off a hot guy their into that day/week.There's also woman crush Wednesday, throwback Thursday, and probably more. I personally find it annoying but whatever floats teenagers boats these days.

    • Today I made a meme if a transformer on a telephone pole and called it, "Transformer Tuesday"

    • haha that's an awesome Tuesday!

  • There's also woman crush Wednesday. You post a pic of a same sex person you have a crush on.


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  • Never heard of this Monday thing till I saw your question and I think its a stupid idea and garbage Mondays are now ruined for me.

    • Ooh what is garbage Mondays?

    • Sorry I did not mean for it to sound like garbage Mondays I was just saying this man crush Monday is a stupid idea and garbage and that Mondays are now ruined for me.

  • It's just a stupid twitter hashtag fad. It's just a silly, unnecessarily sexualized thing like bromance and whatnot. You can say a guy is beautiful or handsome any day of the week and not be gay (as if it matters if you were)... If you don't want to have sex with your own gender, you aren't gay, it's that simple.

    • I think homophobia has become a problem. Back in the 1800's straight men were a lot more intimate, like hugging or kissing on the cheek.

      But over the past 100 years, cultures have changed and gays before MTV weren't as accepted. So then prejudice and fear of being not macho came about. Straight men like you and me have become more paranoid.

      But now society is becoming more accepting of homosexual lifestyles as it becomes more common. Now we have to adjust to what we have to see every day.

    • I don't know where you get the idea that I'm paranoid. I'm totally accepting of gays and don't see anything sexual about admitting that another man is good looking. I just don't like the silly nature of hashtag fads.

    • I wasn't calling you paranoid or a homophobic. I am just saying in general.

  • Theres also women crush Wednesdays and throwback Thursday. I wouldn't worry too much about it fads nowaday only last about a month or so

  • Tweenys and younger kids do this. I don't

  • I've never heard of this garbage and I curse you for pointing it out to me.

  • Whatever day of the week it is, if you think a man is fine, you're gay seven days a week.