Why do guys want girls to ask them out?

why is it that some guys who aren't even shy feel like the girl must ask them out first? I have always been taught that a man should ask a woman out and not the other way around. I don't know maybe I'm "old fashioned" but I just find it more respectable when a guy asks a girl.


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  • Because nowadays guys do not feel like they need to invest in us much anymore. A lot of women have made it too easy(sexually) for guys in this generation which has caused them to be lazy and a lot of young men do not respect woman like they use to because of how we allowed ourselves to be potrayed in the media. So the desire to approach us is not as high because a lot of men are approaching the men more and more cause of being desperate and impatient and a lot of men know this and don't want to chase us anymore. Its an excuse to be lazy.

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      Thank you! I have been thinking this could be the reason because some guys I know are just like "yeah I'm too hot I don't chase any girls I let them come to me". Thank you for your answer

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      Did I say all? I said alot.

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      She was probably addressing my initial hostility.